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        Following are excerpts from news stories recently posted under Breaking Industry   New York transit system goes contactless
        News on our home page. For links to these and other full news stories, please visit  Mass transit customers in New York City have a
                                                                        new way to pay for riding the subway and bus
                                                                        systems: contactless credit and debit cards issued
                                                                        by Chase. Riders can now tap their cards to pay
                                                                        to enter several subway stations and all buses
        ThreatMetrix, TSYS detect increasing mobile fraud               serving Staten Island instead of purchasing
                                                                        and using fare cards. Over time, all New York
        Worldwide adoption of mobile technologies is fueling innovative,   City subway lines and bus routes will accept
        new mobile fraud vectors, according to recent studies by ThreatMetrix   contactless card payments, Chase and Visa stated.
        and TSYS. The H2 2018 Cybercrime Report, published by ThreatMetrix,   Chase Merchant Services is also working with
        reported a 107 percent increase in attacks on mobile account logins in   the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority on
        the second half of 2018. The biannual study was based on 17 billion   an upgrade to the fare machine system to support
        digital transactions processed on the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity   contactless card acceptance.
        Network, with 61 percent originating on a mobile device.        Bitcoin? There's a Cash App for that

        Any authentication better than none, Google, NYU say
                                                                        Square Inc. rocked the cryptocurrency world by
        A research paper by Google and New York University, titled Evaluating   adding bitcoin to its Cash App. in August 2018.
        Login Challenges as a Defense Against Account Takeover, found that two-  Less than a year later, the company's first-quarter
        factor authentication can prevent bad actors from confiscating log-in   2019 earnings confirmed rumors that Square is
        credentials. This supports prior studies with comparable findings,   helping bitcoin scale. The company sold $65.5
        but the research goes further by adding new metrics to the mix. "Our   million  worth  of  bitcoin  in  the  first  quarter  of
        analysis reveals that even weak, knowledge-based challenges can   2019, according to unaudited financials. Analysts
        offer hijacking protections against automation to billions of users   speculate this equates to roughly 10 percent of all
        without requiring any enrollment," researchers wrote.           bitcoin.
                                                                        Global, TSYS join elite group
                                                                        of jumbo acquirers
                                                                        Global Payments Inc. and TSYS disclosed
                                                                        that their companies entered into a definitive
                                   866.272.5247  |        agreement and "all-stock merger of equals."
                                                                        As reports of the merger rippled across social
                                                                        media and news outlets, payments analysts
                                                                        stated they expect the combined company to be
                                                                        a formidable competitor to recently consolidated
                                                                        brands Fiserv/First Data and FIS/Worldpay.
                                                                        "Today marks a major milestone for TSYS, as we
                                                                        have entered into a merger of equals with Global
                                                                        Payments  to  create  a  premier  global  payments
                                                                        technology company at scale in the largest and
                                                                        most attractive markets worldwide," a TSYS
                                                                        spokeswoman stated.
                                                                        Some CBD businesses
                                                                        getting a Square deal

                                                                        The outlook looks promising for businesses that
                                                                        want  to  accept  credit  and  debit  cards  for  legal
                                                                        sales of cannabis products. Legislative initiatives
                                                                        in Washington and at least one state capitol would
                                                                        make it easier for businesses selling cannabis
                                                                        products to open bank accounts. Meanwhile,
                                                                        Square confirmed it is running a beta program to
                          866.272.5247                                  support payment processing for select merchants
                                                                        selling cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD.
                                                                        CBD has gained notoriety in recent years for its
                                                                        health benefits, such as relief from pain, anxiety,
                                                                        and the effects of epilepsy and post-traumatic
                                                                        stress disorder.

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