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Letter from the editors

                   ngoing education is an imperative for those
                   who are serious about establishing the kind
                   of mutually beneficial relationships with
        O merchants that lead to a rewarding, lucra-
        tive career. Lucky for today's payments professionals,
        the training options at our fingertips have never been
        better. Most are self-directed, which enables students to
        study where and when they like, and at their own pace.

        This issue's lead article describes several payments    Howdy
        education  offerings  and  includes  perspectives  from
        program designers and participants on leveraging pro-
        fessional development programs. Offerings are varied,   Y’all!
        comprehensive and inviting. Even if you're an industry
        veteran, it couldn't hurt to explore and shore up your
        knowledge in our ever changing industry.

        We continually endeavor to contribute to your ongoing
        professional development, both in our website content
        and  in  our  magazine, particularly  the  Education  and
        Views sections. In this issue you'll find out why one
        expert believes the comprehensive, varied offerings at
        the ETA's annual Transact show make it a must-attend
        event. You'll also hear from the CEO of an ISO that of-
        fers a cash discount program merchants have embraced    I’m working hard to help you increase
        ‒ only about 10 percent of merchants who try it switch
        back to traditional processing. In addition, you'll find         your bottom line today!
        out why copying the competition is the last thing an
        MLS should do, explore the potential of entering the
        health and beauty market, and learn about recent de-                      No Bull
        velopments in the contactless payments realm.

        In addition to product and company profiles, as well       Customized advertising campaigns
        as briefs on recent awards, research appointments, ac-     to fit any size company and budget.
        quisitions, partnerships and other milestones; we've
        included highlights from a sampling of breaking in-         • Spotlight Innovators’ Pages
        dustry news stories posted recently at www.greensheet.
        com. These include developments in cannabis payment             (frequently updated content)
        processing, both legislative and corporate; the Global      • Print (various size options)
        Payments/TSYS agreement to merge; Square's addition
        of bitcoin to its Cash App; contactless payment for mass    • Resource Guide listing
        transit fares in New York City; research reaffirming the
        value of two-factor authentication in fraud prevention;         (print/online/front page (option))
        and a ThreatMetrix/TSYS study detecting increased           • Email Blasts (to GS readership)
        mobile fraud.
                                                                    • Online (website/twice month newsletter)
        We'd love to know what kind of training you received
        when you entered the payments fray and what type            • Video
        of ongoing education you favor. We will also welcome        • Bundle advertisng campaign discounts*
        your feedback at on the arti-
        cles found within these pages. Let us know what we're
        doing right. If you see areas where we can improve or                    Danielle Thorpe
        if you'd like us to delve into an underreported topic,
        please drop us a line. And, as always, please send your                        AVP Media Partnerships
        news in press release format to

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