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Sell SpotOn’s Comprehensive

                                                                Product Line and Leave the

                                                                        Competition in the Dust

        Powerful Tools for Businesses to Streamline                                      Lucrative Benefits
        Operations and Connect with Customers                                            as a SpotOn

                                                                                         Sales Partner

                                                                                            Daily paychecks

        Marketing    Reviews    Loyalty   Appointments     Website     Payroll              Long-term residuals
                                                                                            on payment processing

        Offer Our Leading Point-of-Sale Solutions                                           Account bonuses on all
                                                                                            sales (including processing,
                                                                                            software, and point-of-sale
                                                                                            Health benefits, including
                                                                                            medical, dental, and

                                                                                            SpotOn Academy, held at
         SpotOn Poynt    SpotOn Restaurant   SpotOn Register    Other POS Options           our San Francisco HQ
         Our most popular,   Our best-in-class,   A fully integrated POS   Basic pinpad terminals,
        cutting-edge hybrid   lightning-fast POS   system with a compact   mobile credit card   for sales partners with
             POS          system for the food &   design and high-end   readers, or convert   5+ accounts
                           beverage industry      features       existing POS systems
                                                                                            Professional marketing
                                                                                            literature, business cards,
                                                                                            and sales notebooks
        SpotOn is redefining the merchant services industry by putting an
        end to bogus monthly fees like statement, monthly minimum, batch,                   Access to our proprietary
        PCI (monthly or annual), regulatory, and ETF fees. Join us and reap                 sales portal, TheSpot,
                                                                                            which allows you to
        the rewards of being a full-time Sales Partner with life-changing                   manage your pipeline,
        earning potential.                                                                  sign deals in real-time
                                                                                            right from your phone,
        Find out more about how to join a winning team at SpotOn by                         monitor your income,
        contacting Matt Ross at (415) 306-9488 or                         and more
                                                                                            A dedicated sales team
        Make sure to include “Green Sheet” in the subject line. We look                     to help you close deals,
        forward to hearing from you!                                                        and access to our sales
                                                                                            leadership executives for
                                                                                            training, tips, advice,
           (415) 306-9488                 and more

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