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The Green Sheet Online Edition

September 13, 2010  •  Issue 10:09:01

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Getting started in prepaid

By Barry J. Kessler

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in GSQ, Vol. 13, No. 2, June 2010.

Reloadable, open-loop, network-branded prepaid cards are big business, as evidenced by the July 21, 2010, initial public offering of Green Dot Corp., which raised approximately $164 million in its first day of trading.

With the success of Green Dot and others, stakeholders in the merchant channel are taking increased notice of opportunities in prepaid - from selling cards to customizing programs. These opportunities can take many forms, each with varying levels of investment, product control and economic return, and the decision process can be daunting.

Here is a primer to help you develop a strategic plan, establish the requisite relationships and execute your plan for maximum benefit.

Speaking 'prepaid'

The prepaid space is still relatively new, and terminology can be confusing or often misapplied. So let's make sure we're speaking the same language.

The network-affiliated banks (issuers) that issue reloadable prepaid cards typically contract with third-party partners (program managers) to operate and market prepaid programs.

Under these arrangements, program managers must use certified, issuer-integrated processing partners (called issuing processors or more simply processors), and these processors must be distinguished from acquiring processors that route card transactions for authorization.

The issuer submits the program to its affiliated network for approval. Once approved, the issuer supplies the program manager with a designated set of card numbers (the bank identification number, or BIN) for which the program manager assumes financial and compliance responsibilities.

The processor then sets up the program on its platform, identifying the assigned BIN, establishing the authorization parameters, storing cardholder registration and card account transaction data, maintaining card account balances, and providing card authorization, cardholder support and other program-connected services.

Exploring options

Your prepaid options are simple. You can build and operate your own product for maximum control; engage a program manager to fully customize and manage your solution; or manage product sales channels for a single program manager or an aggregation of program managers.

Or you can retail pre-labeled or private-labeled, off-the-shelf cards for commission. You determine your right choice by your market access and available capital resources, both financial and human.

Proceed with caution

The road to prepaid gold can be long and bumpy. Here are a few guidelines to help make the ride smoother.

So there you have it. Apply these basic tenets to your niche, and you're ready to chart your own path in the prepaid world and enjoy the wealth of opportunities this fast-growing market offers.

For more stories from SellingPrepaid E-Magazine, as well as breaking news and forums devoted to the prepaid sphere, please visit

Barry J. Kessler is CEO and President of Prepaid Resources Inc. He has developed, launched and managed many successful prepaid debit card programs during his career, and is considered an industry leader in the general-purpose, reloadable prepaid card segment.

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