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September 13, 2010 • Issue 10:09:01


Organize your life for peace of mind

Do you often reach the end of the day and wonder where it went? Maybe you run your own business seven days a week; feed your children and help them with homework before putting them to bed; frequently run errands for an elderly parent; and attend ball games, recitals or community meetings after work and on weekends.

Does all this activity make you feel pulled in too many directions? Does it seem there's no time to pause and take a breath? Then perhaps your life needs a bit of reorganization.

Here are three simple ways to shape your life to enhance your peace of mind

    1. Leave business where it belongs

    Keep business at the office. Most business owners struggle with this because work issues are constantly on their minds.

    Yes, your business is a very important part of your life, but family should come first, and your business already takes the majority of your time and energy.

    You likely spend eight to 12 hours a day on the job and just a few hours each evening at home. So dedicate your time at home to having fun with your family and friends. Keep talk about work to a minimum.

    2. Organize your home and keep it that way

    A clean, well-organized home can foster a positive attitude, while clutter has a negative effect. Disorder can lead to stress, arguments and an unhealthy atmosphere.

    Spend time making sure each item in your home has a place and is kept where it belongs.

    This will help you think clearly and feel refreshed. Organize your sock drawer, the kitchen cabinets, your home office, bath towels and washcloths, etc.

    3. Create two calendars and use them

    Every business owner should keep separate calendars for family and for business.

    The family calendar is for important dates, such as parent-teacher meetings and school sporting events, if any; planned romantic dinner dates with your special someone; and birthdays and other important days. This is also where to allocate time for your friends, faith community, clubs and so forth.

    The romantic dinner should be a planned date that you and your significant other can look forward to. This is especially important for parents.

    And, if you are a parent, your children should each have the chance to plan something fun for the family periodically, whether it's a picnic, a day at the park or the beach, a night out bowling, or a matinee at the theater.

    The business calendar is for all upcoming appointments with clients, employees and business associates.

    Keep both calendars handy so you can make sure business appointments don't conflict with your family calendar. And check both calendars regularly so you aren't surprised at any upcoming events.

    Also, create a business schedule that eliminates unnecessary overtime, and stick to it. For a business owner this can be difficult.

    But the good news is you can delegate many tasks to managers and free up your time for other important business and personal tasks.

These three steps can contribute to your happiness. Using them will help you be more fully present at work and at home, so your life will be a meaningful journey, not just a busy, frantic whirlwind. end of article

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