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February 26, 2024 • Issue 24:02:02

Thriving in our digital business world

Are you looking for a good read? One that could be in sync with your business goals? One that might spark new insights about doing business in our digital age? Here are two books to check out.

Smooth Scaling: 20 Rituals to Build a Friction-Free Organization

By Rob Bier Wonderwell, 2024

After launching and then building an ISO or other payments business into a successful enterprise, some leaders then struggle with how to scale their businesses to bring their solutions to new markets that will benefit from them. Smooth Scaling by Rob Bier provides insights designed to help business owners pinpoint and overcome factors holding them back. In the book, Bier tackles the often overlooked challenge of organizational friction that hinders businesses from scaling effectively.

While many resources focus on strategy or product-market fit, Bier emphasizes the importance of addressing poor-quality interactions within organizations. Drawing on his extensive experience, he introduces 20 practical rituals designed to streamline operations and foster a high-performance culture.

These rituals, Bier stated, aim to build trust, empower managers, create cohesive teams, break down silos, and maintain a strong organizational culture. His approach is grounded in real-life experience and offers actionable steps for leaders to prevent and resolve people problems. The suggested strategies are concrete, Bier noted, and seamlessly integrate into daily workflows, increasing chances of success. Readers have praised the author's focus on addressing the human aspect of scaling and its practical applicability to businesses of all sizes. Overall, Smooth Scaling's insights and tools for creating scalable, high-performing organizations make it excellent reading for leaders aiming for sustained growth and success. This could prove to be the missing piece for payment professionals who have yet to see their businesses scale in accordance with their goals.

From Rhino to Unicorn: How Fortune 500 Companies Can Evolve for the Digital Era

By Victor Orlovski and Vladimir Korovkin Legacy Launch Pad Publishing, 2022

Successful payments businesses are known for being nimble. That's how they stay on top in our ever-changing sphere. Some, however, are saddled with old infrastructure and processes. From Rhino to Unicorn by Victor Orlovski and Vladimir Korovkin has insights that may be useful for companies grappling with this issue. The book explores the challenges faced by traditional corporations in the age of digital disruption. The authors contrast established market leaders, or "rhinos," with agile and innovative newcomers known as "unicorns."

The book describes eight primary advantages unicorns hold over rhino companies, highlighting why traditional attempts at digital transformation often fail. Drawing on extensive case studies and their own expertise, the authors provide strategies for navigating digital transformation successfully, including identifying common pitfalls and offering a roadmap for transition.

The book also offers a blend of academic analysis and practical advice. It emphasizes the need to understand what sets unicorn companies apart and provides actionable insights for companies of all sizes. In addition, the authors delve into both the challenges and the opportunities presented by digital disruption in their mission to guide businesses aiming to stay relevant and competitive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. Readers have praised its clear presentation of complex concepts and its applicability to a wide range of industries. end of article

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