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January 08, 2024 • Issue 24:01:01


Lean into your strengths this year

With this, our first issue of 2024, we mark a time of transition when people in all walks of life evaluate their results for 2023 and plan for the year ahead. This, of course, includes those of us in the payments industry. Some professionals in our sphere will be staying the course with, perhaps, minor tweaks; others will be ready for a total revamp of their business plans and sales approaches; many will be somewhere between them along a continuum of possibilities.

But how many have taken time out to evaluate their individual strengths as part of this process? If you haven't done this, I suggest you do so before solidifying plans for the coming year. Here's why: self-awareness enhances success in business, and in sales its importance is profound.

So, reflect on the past year. What were your standout moments? When did you feel most in your element? What tasks or responsibilities did you excel at effortlessly? The answers to these questions will be indicators of your strengths. And understanding and capitalizing on where you excel can make all the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

One common pitfall is attempting to conform to a one-size-fits-all approach. You may have received sales training that includes scripts and other methods that worked for those who are guiding you but simply do not work for you. Our industry emphasizes the importance of listening well to build relationships and provide tailored solutions. This is spot on. But there are many ways to do this. Your mentor may be a serious, just-the-facts-please sort of person who instills confidence in prospects this way. But you might be more lighthearted with an ability to brighten a merchant's day with a touch of humor and kind words.

Also consider what motivated you to embark on a career in merchant services. Many people's career choices have been influenced by external factors. Could you have chosen your current path because your family expected you to, or because you wanted to emulate someone you admire greatly? If so, consider whether your strengths and skills actually align with these external influences.

It's OK to find your own way. It could be you're a merchant level salesperson, ISO owner or other service provider who has found your groove, and you're set for continued success. But maybe you're doing well in a sales position but you're really a geek at heart, and you have an innovation in mind that you dream of developing and bringing to market. If so, could transition to the R&D side of fintech and payments? Or the opposite might be true. Your technical knowledge may be useful on the back end, but you're happiest when you're helping people discover solutions that are just right for them.

Once you've taken stock of your strengths, ask yourself how you can amplify them to achieve your goals. Seek opportunities to hone your skills further and explore ways to fully incorporate your strengths into your work. Also, seek mentors and colleagues who can help you make the most of your unique abilities.

The journey of self-discovery and development is ongoing, and the rewards are boundless. end of article

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