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November 26, 2023 • Issue 23:11:02

Opportunities exist in payments consulting services

By Matias Fainbrum
Worldline Consulting Services

Navigating the intricate dynamics of payments management is pivotal to the fiscal vitality of any enterprise. However, keeping pace with the swift evolution of technology and market trends in this arena can be an overwhelming task. This is where a payments consulting service can become indispensable. Often delivered by a consortium of global experts, payments consulting services offer strategic guidance on refining processes and augmenting the digital purchasing journey. The escalating demand for tailored solutions underscores their potential to propel growth while concurrently reducing costs associated with online payment processing.

These services are not just about improving transactions; they are about creating an optimized, frictionless and profitable payments ecosystem. Venturing beyond the traditional plug-and-play strategy commonly embraced in the payments consulting services sector empowers businesses with a distinct competitive advantage. This bold departure paves the way for a future characterized by strategic resilience and exceptional operational efficiency.

Wise ISOs and merchant level salespeople have already shifted from sales alone to become consultants offering a host of business services. For those willing to grow their knowledge and expertise, an opportunity awaits to provide even more benefit to online and other enterprises as part of a payments consultancy.

Payments consultants in action

Payments consultants leverage their deep understanding of technology and consumer behavior, creating frictionless customer journeys and payments experiences. They know how to streamline the payments process, making it as quick and easy as possible for customers to complete their transactions. This includes everything from the design of the payment page to the selection of payment methods offered. They also stay abreast of the latest industry developments, such as emerging payment technologies and regulatory changes, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovation and compliance.

For businesses with multicurrency pricing and complex FX management, payments consultants offer invaluable expertise. They can guide companies through setting competitive prices in different currencies based on factors like market conditions, exchange rates and local purchasing power.

They can also help navigate the complexities of FX management, advising on how to hedge against currency fluctuations and minimize FX risk. Moreover, they can recommend solutions for optimizing currency conversion processes, so they can offer customers the best possible exchange rates without sacrificing profit margins.

To improve authorization rates, payments consultants employ sophisticated analytical tools and techniques. Scrutinizing customer payment data, they also identify patterns that could indicate potential issues, such as recurring problems with certain types of cards or transactions.

They then work with the business to address these issues, whether by tweaking payment system settings, liaising with the payment processor or implementing additional fraud prevention measures. The result is not just a higher authorization rate but also a lower risk of fraudulent transactions.

A notable increase in profits awaits enterprises that tap into these sophisticated industry methodologies; working with them, qualified consultants will enjoy increased profits, as well. A blended approach intertwining first-rate software technologies with adept payments consultants enables the consulting experts to work hand-in-hand with clients across their entire strategic trajectory. This extends to guiding them to new markets and steering them through local customs and regulatory complexities.

Adopting cutting-edge innovations

Recent research indicates implementing a distinctive strategy could amplify authorization rates by 10 percent. However, results may vary based on the industry and geographic region. Beyond increasing authorization rates, this innovative approach also significantly reduces chargebacks, fraud rejections and errors associated with 3D-Secure (3DS). Today, the payments industry is in a state of significant metamorphosis. The landscape is being continuously transformed by a combination of rising expectations, swift digital adoption, emerging technologies and integrations spanning diverse industries. Although the mechanics of payments are evolving to be faster, more secure and simpler, the complexity within the industry itself is on the rise.

In this convoluted environment, the assistance provided by consulting service professionals is invaluable. They work hand in hand with businesses from a broad range of sectors to guide them through these complexities. Their deep insights and expertise pave the way for organizations to manage risks, overhaul their technological structures, establish strategic collaborations, enhance their growth in terms of profitability and successfully scale up. Payments professionals willing to sharpen their skills and attune themselves fully to changing market needs can be among those who fill this essential role. end of article

Matias Fainbrum is vice president of Worldline Consulting Services. Contact him at linkedin.com/in/matiasf.

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