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March 14, 2022 • Issue 22:03:01

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Protect merchants, consumers with proof-of-age tokens

Product: Token-Age
Company: Token-Age

Token-Age, a DIaaS brand, created Token-Age, a GDPR-compliant solution designed to validate a customer's legal age within global privacy regulations and frameworks. The service supports a wide range of use cases such as online gaming, alcohol sales and other age-sensitive products and services, the company stated. "Compliance is critical for sellers with a legal age requirement," said Didier Collin, CEO at Token-Age. "Token-age provides these merchants with an audit trail that proves their businesses can meet ever-changing privacy regulations and validate their customer credentials without infringing on individual privacy."

Collin additionally noted that Token-Age is an advanced biometric authentication method that matches real-time facial recognition with personal identification documents. This technique is more secure than knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and SMS-based two-factor authentication, and allows repeat users to effortlessly confirm their age requirements at no additional cost to merchants, he added.

Merchant benefits

Participating merchants can perform nearly instant background checks with identity document issuers to seamlessly check out and onboard new customers, while keeping customers' personal identifying information (PII) out of merchant scope, Token-Age representatives stated. These capabilities, they added, help reduce dropout rates and lower related identity verification costs.

Describing Token-Age as a "zero knowledge proof" solution, Collin noted the service uses advanced biometric and cryptographic methods to tokenize credentials within a "certification container." Resulting patterns, composed of ephemeral opaque strings, anonymize data within a zero knowledge proof token, which would be rendered useless if intercepted by a cybercriminal, he added.

Consumer benefits

Token-Age consumers can experience an easy, private and efficient age validation process with unlimited on-demand supply of single-use tokens following initial enrollment and one-click validation process, the company stated. These tokens enable users to validate their age at any participating Token-Age merchant and do not carry personal information. "Our technology is developed with your privacy and security in mind, and no one can steal your identity—it would be like breaking into an empty storage locker," Collin said. "We can help you build a case for implementing Token-Age if need be with a new merchant." In addition to privacy protection, registered Token-Age customers are eligible for additional discounts and promotions created by participating merchants, Collin added.

Simple integration

Collin went on to say that Token-Age can be seamlessly integrated into websites and applications via the company's single endpoint API, enabling partners to natively leverage the following Token-Age application benefits:

  • Simplified access: Token-Age simplifies access to age-regulated websites without disclosing customer identity or putting identity at risk and potentially jeopardizing it.
  • Low-friction, compliant audit trail: Token-Age boosts consumer conversion rates on regulated-access websites by lowering barriers to entry without compromising safety and security. The solution is fully compliant with global data privacy and protection regulations.
  • Reduced abandonment rate: Token-Age boosts customer conversion rates by not allowing compliance to limit the customer experience. The solution stops customer attrition by satisfying customers who don't want to compromise their privacy.

Channel partner benefits

Token-Age parent company DIaaS is a secure identification service provider that prides itself on having numerous successful deployments in major regions worldwide. The company has partnered with enterprises to deploy solutions for address verification, COVID certificates, financial institution KYC, insurance claims and facilities access control.

Collin also mentioned that DIaaS and Token-Age companies routinely consult with ISOs, independent software vendors and other sales channel partners on a variety of business applications, which are all easily available through their portfolio of APIs. "We offer our partners a good incentive program and the shortest route to get data certified and satisfy compliance requirements," Collin said. "And because our solutions are based on APIs, the sales cost and maintenance are very low for our partners." end of article

Website: www.token-age.com Contact: sales@token-age.com

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