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January 22, 2018 • Issue 18:01:02

New Products

Seamless integrations, actionable insights

Product: CallScore
Company: CallRail

Data analytics company CallRail added new features to its suite of cloud-based call-tracking services. The enhancements, combined with advanced attribution and reporting capabilities, are designed to provide additional performance metrics and insights on inbound phone calls, company representatives stated.

"We're constantly making updates to CallRail to help our customers and third-party integrations that rely on using CallRail data in the platform of their choosing," stated Madelyn Newman, Product Marketing Manager at CallRail. "We ended 2017 with a bang and a lot of great new releases, including a Facebook integration, improved user workflow and permissions, and great new features to the CallRail API."

While CallRail has always tracked phone calls from Facebook ads, Newman said the new integration is faster and more intuitive, instantly linking inbound calls, texts and form completions to corresponding Facebook ad clicks within Facebook Business Ads Manager. CallRail clients can also import phone call, text, and form data directly into the Business Ads Manager, Newman noted.

Interactive, real-time dashboard

CallRail noted that its clients can use a secure portal to route, track and evaluate incoming calls and view caller data through live pop-up and email notifications. A real-time, interactive dashboard provides a single-access view of all account features, described by the company as follows:

  • CallScore: This automated feature sorts and classifies leads, employing metadata, transcriptions and advanced algorithms, enabling users to quickly identify and react to highly qualified prospects.
  • Unique phone numbers: CallRail provides unique local, international and toll-free tracking numbers. Customers can instantly set up unique business numbers on their online dashboards. These will identify and track leads in local and remote regions, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and Brazil.
  • Call attribution: CallRail's enhanced insights enable customers to source incoming leads to evaluate marketing campaign performance across multiple channels, which may include online and offline campaigns, paid search, digital advertising, and print, radio and television media.
  • Dynamic number insertion: The ability to dynamically display a tracking phone number enables CallRail clients to track online and offline metrics by instantly updating tracking phone numbers on their websites. CallRail will automatically detect visitors, determine the lead source and display the appropriate tracking phone number.
  • Keyword-level call tracking: CallRail assigns a unique phone number to each website visitor. Drawn from a CallRail client's available pool, the unique number is assigned to one visitor at a time, enabling CallRail to link calls directly to individual visitors. The numbers can be reassigned when visitors leave the website.
  • Multichannel attribution: Early forms of call tracking typically displayed each caller's original channel or referral source. CallRail's multichannel attribution links all sources and channels to each caller, enabling companies to see all related lead sources and traffic.
  • Form submission tracking: CallRail's form submissions functionality turns web form submissions into phone calls, enabling companies to quickly connect with their customers. Each time a prospective customer completes a form, an instant alert is sent by phone, text message or email.
  • Advanced call analytics: CallRail's call analytics dashboard displays caller data in real time, enabling clients to assess marketing performance and lead generation, record calls, and capture conversation intelligence.

Omnichannel technology suite

CallRail's omnichannel technology suite is designed to capture data from any telecommuncations device, anywhere. Additional services include anti-spam, geo-routing, IVR and call scheduling options. The software is fully integrated with many leading analytics and customer relationship management solutions. Channel partners and resellers can use CallRail's application programming interface to integrate CallRail software into their service offerings. White-label CallRail solutions enable agencies and affiliates to provide a customized, branded subdomain to their customers, CallRail noted.

Newman said more than 60,000 companies and marketing agencies worldwide are using CallRail software to optimize ad campaigns, increase sales effectiveness and improve customer retention. "We've evolved from a 'nice to have' to a 'can't live without' for many customers," she said. end of article

Website: www.callrail.com Contact: madelyn@callrail.com

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