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June 26, 2017 • Issue 17:06:02

New Products

Cloud-based platform optimizes route planning, navigation

Product: Route Optimization Solution
Company: Route4Me Inc.

Route4Me Inc., a route-optimization-as-a-service company established in 2009, updated its route planning, sequencing and optimization platform, Route Optimization Solution, which is designed to help people and companies find the most efficient route to their destinations, from single trips to multiple destinations. The system provides essential coordinates and real-time updates to help mobile workers and companies with large fleets plan and complete trips.


By capturing locations from smartphones and third-party telematics systems, the Route4Me platform enables business owners to track drivers in real time. Drivers' mobile apps, connected to a Route4Me company account, automatically update travel and arrival times in a continuously updated manifest.

"Route4Me's mobile Android and iPhone apps synchronize routes, enable two-way communication with drivers and offer turn-by-turn directions and delivery confirmation," said Parker Woodward, Vice President of Strategic Relationships at Route4Me. "Our operational optimization platform combines high-performance algorithms with data science, machine learning and big data to plan, optimize and analyze routes of almost any size in real-time."

Automated check-in, geo-fencing

Route4Me noted that its auto check-in feature facilitates automatic check-ins and measures performance against dynamic estimated arrival times. The system logs in arrivals and can detect when drivers deviate from planned routes. It also improves safety by eliminating the need for drivers to manually check in to destinations using their mobile phones.

A geo-fencing module enables planners to notify customers by text or phone call when a driver is approaching or is behind schedule. The location-based technology uses the global positioning system, cellular tower triangulation, Wi-Fi signal detection and radio frequency identification to define geographical boundaries and create a virtual zone that helps drivers efficiently and automatically plan their routes, the company stated.

Combining auto check-in with geo-fencing can save businesses with fleets of 100 drivers as much as 55 hours a day, which is equivalent to adding seven drivers to a fleet at no additional cost, Woodward noted.

Route sequencing simplified

Route4Me said it can help businesses and drivers optimize their routes by properly sequencing multiple destinations. The technology organizes a sequence of addresses according to the shortest distance and shortest time by detecting traffic patterns in real time while planning a route. The system's planning engine assigns routes to registered users and can be integrated into third-party applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Xero and Salesforce.com. Users can upload spreadsheet data directly into the app to manage multiple team members, vehicles and routes. The company's route optimization system also includes vehicle management and tracking, route management, driving directions, financial reporting, data exporting and importing, heat density maps, and synchronized notes. The system supports spreadsheet files containing raw data, addresses and various fixed attributes and custom information.

Freemium-to-premium plans

Prospective subscribers can choose from plans and subscriptions available at Route4Me's website, Apple's App Store or the Google Play app store. Plans can be tailored to meet the needs of individual users and organizations, and include a free, seven-day trial option. Route4Me described the subscription types as follows:

  • Mobile subscriptions: Apps for mobile subscriptions, which enable users to plan up to 10 unique routes per month at no charge, can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google app stores. Mobile-only users who exceed monthly minimums can enroll in mobile subscription plans within the mobile apps. These apps provide a complete mobile experience on connected devices.
  • Web subscriptions: Route4Me web plans offer advanced features and functionality and can be purchased directly from the Route4Me website. Web subscribers can upload multiple address spreadsheets and manage routing for multiple drivers using live maps.

Route4Me has over 5,000 customers in 100 countries and offers customized and packaged plans for a broad range of businesses, industries and distributors. "We help anyone from a small merchant to a multibillion-dollar hub and work with numerous sales channel partners and resellers," Woodward stated. end of article

Website: www.route4me.com Contact: parker@route4me.com

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