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Lead Story

New payment products: Go big or fail fast

Dale S. Laszig


Industry Update

NAC case against Visa, Mastercard going forward

Contactless, cardless cash gains U.K. adoption

It's always Cyber Monday for security pros

NFC tag certification program targets IoT


Sales compensation among U.S. merchant acquirers

Mobile payment awareness inches forward


The travails of chip and debit cards

Patti Murphy
ProScribes Inc.

What is Money20/20 Part Two

Brandes Elitch
CrossCheck Inc.

What a 'quarter century' industry veteran has learned about the high-risk merchant niche

Steve Duniec
Payment Advisors LLC


Street SmartsSM:
More rebranding options for MLSs

John Tucker
1st Capital Loans LLC

Is your merchant agreement out of date?

Eugene Rome
Rome & Associates

Manners matter in email

Jeff Fortney
Clearent LLC

Company Profile

CSR Professional Services Inc

New Products

Residual-based loans, financing solutions for ISOs

Residual-based loans
Super G Funding LLC

Secure, in-person proximity payments

Mobeewave Inc.


It's ABP now, not ABC


Letter from the editors

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A Bigger Thing

The Green Sheet Online Edition

December 12, 2016  •  Issue 16:12:01

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New Products

Secure, in-person proximity payments

Product: Mobeewave

Mobeewave Inc., a payment technology company based in Montreal, created a technology solution designed to digitize in-person, peer-to-peer and micro-merchant payment transactions. The company's patented technology uses near field communication (NFC) and the secure element on mobile devices.


Mobeewave exhibited with Oberthur Technologies at the Cartes Secures Connexions Expo in Paris, where it won the 2015 Best Mobile Security Solution award. The company has also participated in strategic initiatives with Visa Inc., Global Payments Inc., and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

"A mobile wallet should enable you to get paid by anyone, anywhere, for anything," said Tim Morris, Head of Marketing and Communications at Mobeewave. "NFC creates dialog between the chip and secure element within the smartphone, and the secure element will recognize the credit card. Mobeewave's patented technology encrypts the transaction and restricts the secure element from any other communications until the transaction is complete."

Safe cash alternative

One interesting aspect of Mobeewave technology is that payors and payees don't need to know each other, Morris added. The technology enables people to transact in ticketing venues, yard sales, food delivery, impulse purchases and events typically dominated by cash.

Unlike other person-to-person (P2P) platforms that store user data in the cloud, Mobeewave transactions are locally processed between the card and device to create the highest level of security, Morris added. He expects the solution to be especially relevant to millennials and other consumers who prefer not to carry cash in physical wallets.

Mobeewave noted that it protects users throughout the transaction lifecycle in the following ways:

Secure, stranger-to-stranger payments

Mobeewave can function within banking apps, to provide users with "get paid" and "get money" options. Consumers can use Mobeewave's in-person proximity payment solution for a range of personal payment scenarios. Following are several examples the company provided:

Open-loop network

Mobeewave prides itself on having solved the challenge of stranger-to-stranger payments. Unlike other closed loop P2P payment schemes, Mobeewave's in-person payment scheme does not require payor and payee to use the same network or service or even exchange personal information, company representatives stated.

The Mobeewave solution can turn anyone's device into a credit card terminal. For example, the person getting paid enters the payment amount on a smartphone, and the payee taps the back of the phone with a contactless card or mobile wallet. Only the individual who is receiving payment needs to have Mobeewave's technology. The company expects the solution to gain widespread adoption in the United States with increasing implementation of mobile wallet and contactless chip card technologies.

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