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November 14, 2016 • Issue 16:11:01

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Ready-to-deploy infrastructure for payfacs

Product: FACe
Company: Network Merchants Inc.

Network Merchants Inc. created FACe (short for FACenablement), a comprehensive payment enablement platform designed to address the unique requirements of payment facilitators (payfacs). The solution, tightly integrated with NMI's payment gateway, provides a full suite of complementary features, value-added services and essential resources. Payfacs can use FACe to speed their time to market while having the freedom to focus on their customers and sub-merchant service offerings, the company stated.

NMI (Network Merchants Inc.)

NMI's FACe platform is ideally suited for existing payfacs; the platform is also conducive for companies that are entering the space. The best candidates for FACe are ISOs, value-added resellers and similar companies that have a good understanding of risk management, according to NMI.

The changing 'FACe' of acquiring

Unlike traditional merchant services providers, payfacs offer flat pricing and almost immediate merchant account approvals, both of which have proven popular with merchants. Payfacs use simplified application, underwriting process and boarding models that spread risk across numerous sub-merchants within a centralized "master" merchant account, making payment processing accessible to a broader segment of merchants.

No longer exclusively serving micro-merchants, payfacs can provide significant benefits to owners of large and small businesses who are interested in simple, expeditious payment processing. Industry experts at NMI said they identified this shift in the market and saw the need for enterprise-scale support among new and existing payfacs.

"When they register as payment facilitators, some payfacs don't realize they need to build infrastructure to support payment facilitation," said Roy Banks, Chief Executive Officer at NMI. "The failure-to-launch rate can be very high among recent payfac registrants, as a significant number of them abandon the overwhelming and expensive task of building this infrastructure."

Banks saw a need for a payfac-enablement platform that could help partners get to market quickly while eliminating the need to build an expensive support and processing infrastructure. NMI created a ready-to-deploy infrastructure designed to support a broad array of tasks related to sub-merchant management. These features, tightly integrated with the company's payment gateway platform, include boarding, know-your-customer (KYC) compliance, accounting, billing, chargebacks, reporting and online statements.

One platform, infinite possibilities

NMI's FACe is a flexible, scalable platform designed to support payment facilitators and their growing base of merchants. The company listed the FACe platform features as follows:

  • One-stop payment processing: FACe provides an all-in-one processing solution designed to accept an array of payment schemes including electronic checks and Visa Inc., MasterCard, Discover Financial Services and American Express Co. cards.
  • Payment gateway integration: FACe is seamlessly integrated into NMI's Payments Enablement platform, which provides a range of payment gateway features and services relevant to ISOs and payfacs alike.
  • Expedited, real-time merchant boarding: The FACe onboarding kit, with KYC integration, automates the new account activation process. Payfacs can log into a secure web portal to create a sub-merchant account and gateway account in a single step.
  • Sub-merchant billing and settlement: The FACe platform will charge credit card processing and gateway fees set by payfacs and route settlements directly to sub-merchant bank accounts.
  • Enhanced reporting features: FACe provides detailed reporting to payfacs and sub-merchants. Reports include consolidated statements for payfacs and reconciliation, chargeback notification and chargeback importation for sub-merchants.
  • KYC service reporting: KYC requirements are different for payfacs than traditional merchant service providers. FACe provides the tools and reporting to manage KYC.
  • Automatic chargeback importation and notification: FACe will notify payment facilitators and sub-merchants of any chargeback activity.

NMI emphasized that FACe is designed to help payfacs efficiently run their businesses and reduce their go-to-market time. The platform offers an array of value-added services for boarding and servicing merchants, eliminating the need for payfacs to invest in support and processing infrastructures. NMI's support services include many compliance and certification factors, helping the company's payfac partners optimize security and mitigate risk, the company added. end of article

Website: www.nmi.com Contact: support@nmi.com

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