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August 22, 2016 • Issue 16:08:02

New Products

Real-time ID scans to limit fraud, boost conversions

Product: Netverify
Company: Jumio Corp.

Jumio Corp., a global technology provider based in Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in Austria, India and the United Kingdom, created Netverify, a real-time identity verification solution that uses computer vision technology in smartphone cameras and webcams to capture and verify user credentials. Verification takes approximately 60 seconds from start to finish and works on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. The solution combines human expertise with advanced technologies to detect anomalies in images and documents, the company stated.


"Computer vision is a branch of technology that makes computers see," said Philipp Pointner, Vice President Product at Jumio. "Computers can derive valuable data from digital images and learn to recognize nuances in documents, including holograms, font sizes and facial recognition."

Jumio Chief Executive Officer Stephen Stuut said, "With 30 million verifications to date, we have a body of knowledge and know what to look for in an image or document. We can also read the information inside NFC chips; this technology is used by many European issuing authorities in national ID cards and passports." He added that Netverify can recognize documents issued in more than 100 countries and is constantly adding new document types to its knowledge base, including non-Latin character documents.

Following are additional solution features the company pointed out:

  • Real-time ID verification: Netverify's technology enables merchants to validate online shoppers in real time. The ability to verify remote consumer identities can help merchants expedite transaction processing, improve the customer experience and mitigate risk.
  • Face-match: Netverify uses Jumio Face Match, a technology designed to confirm the physical presence of the subject presenting a photo ID. The system's liveliness capability can detect when a criminal attempts to authenticate using a static image in place of the real accountholder.
  • Enhanced security: Netverify scans and validates documents using Jumio's proprietary computer vision technology to detect fake and modified documents. All data is securely transmitted and stored using 256-bit encryption and continuously monitored. Successful scans are digitally certified and stored in a customer portal, where they can be easily accessed.
  • Advanced image capture: Netverify can automatically detect the periphery of credentials and accurately rotate and crop IDs from any angle, simplifying the process for end users. Jumio's template matching capabilities are designed to deliver enhanced, error-proof image capture.
  • Brandable, customizable solution: Netverify can be integrated into mobile apps, websites and back-office processes. Company technicians will help merchants implement the system and customize it in keeping with their existing sites and applications. Merchants can decide which document types to request from customers and how to embed the validation process into their online checkout process.
  • Interoperability: Netverify Web is compatible with a number of web browsers, tablets and webcams. Netverify Mobile works with iOS and Android applications. Jumio will provide manual uploads of document images to customers whose computers do not have webcams. The company provides continuous support for the scanning technology service and verifies credentials issued in more than 100 countries.

Timely resource for merchants, consumers

Netverify's computer vision technology is designed to improve online and mobile checkouts by using computer vision technology to extract and auto-populate data from payment cards and ID documents. Its enhanced security and intuitive user interface can upgrade the mobile shopping channel by reducing shopping cart abandonment and improving fraud detection, Jumio said.

Jumio is continually adding new document types to its platform to expand services and create a better user experience. It has reseller arrangements with leading companies interested in providing additional services and support to their merchants.

"When you consider how many IDs merchants have to process on any given day, and how many security questions consumers have to answer to confirm their identities, Netverify can remove all of that friction, reduce fraud and chargebacks and significantly improve the user experience," Stuut said. end of article

Website: www.jumio.com Contact: sales@jumio.com

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