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Lead Story

Payments' place in the retail playbook - Part 2

Dale S. Laszig


Industry Update

Retailers challenge PCI, seek federal intervention

Data breaches, EMV advance new fraud trends

CFPB to processors: Don't turn blind eye to fraudsters

CFPB seeks public comment on 'payday' loan guidance


U.S. credit card users like installments. A lot

Open-loop prepaid will play a role in next loyalty move by Starbucks

Aaron Mercurio and John Grund

Be vigilant about data vulnerability

MCX pulls plug on CurrentC


The misguided 'kill the check' chorus

Brandes Elitch
CrossCheck Inc.

Guide your startup so it won't implode

Ken Musante
Eureka Payments LLC


Street SmartsSM:
The alternative financing rebrand wrap up

John Tucker
1st Capital Loans LLC

Think PII, not just PCI

Fran Sachs and Ross Federgreen
CSR Professional Services Inc.

Paper reports, online portals can coexist

Steven Feldshuh
Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions East

Consolidation in acquiring

Adam Atlas
Attorney at Law

How integrated, complementary technologies lift valuations

Adam Hark

Company Profile


New Products

Brandable, EMV-certified mobile payments

AprivaPay Plus
Apriva LLC

Biometrics for enhanced, selfie authentication

Eyeprint ID
EyeVerify Inc.


The pursuit of large merchant accounts


Letter from the editors

Readers Speak

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A Bigger Thing

The Green Sheet Online Edition

June 27, 2016  •  Issue 16:06:02

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New Products

Biometrics for enhanced, selfie authentication

Product: Eyeprint ID

Kansas City, Mo.-based EyeVerify Inc. created Eyeprint ID, a biometric technology for smart devices designed to provide password-free authentication by creating a unique key based on a picture of an eye. The patented solution uses existing cameras on mobile devices to capture patterns that match the blood vessels of the eye and other adjacent features of the human eye.


The Eyeprint ID system is used by Wells Fargo & Co., which was an early investor, and other financial institutions including a Utah credit union and a subsidiary of Toronto's Scotia Bank. According to EyeVerify, the software solution is 99.9 percent accurate and can transform a selfie into a unique key to protect digital identities. In less than one second, and without any additional hardware, end users can use embedded Eyeprint ID on connected devices to log into secure websites.

"Consumers increasingly expect things to be easier without sacrificing security," said Tinna Hung, Director of Marketing at EyeVerify. "Eyeprint ID provides a simple authentication experience while maintaining a high level of security."

Signing in by selfie

The company noted that Eyeprint ID can never be lost or stolen because each unique ID is scrambled, encrypted and embedded into connected devices. The solution has greater granularity than face or voice biometrics and is less expensive and intrusive than iris and fingerprint sensors. The biometric uses a high entropy encryption key, which is equivalent to a 50-character password.

"If even one point [of an entropic key] is erroneously selected, then the calculated key will be incorrect," EyeVerify stated. "For someone to brute force the template and start guessing randomly, they would need to guess a perfect 40 points out of the 500 and not miss a single time."

During the verification process, genuine points are extracted from the verification image but masked by a complex shuffling and hashing process that scrambles unique features, making images impossible to duplicate, transfer or reverse-engineer.

To sign in, end-users open the app and select the eye-scan option that positions the phone's camera on the center of the phone or tablet's screen. Users are then directed to look to the side, exposing the blood vessels on one side of the eye. The process is so fast in early testing that some customers were not even aware that anything had happened, according to company representatives.

Unique digital identifier

According to EyeVerify, millions of users are using Eyeprint ID to securely open mobile devices, log into websites and apps and protect mobile payments. The Eyeprint ID SDK enables developers to integrate the biometric with third-party applications to eliminate the need for passwords on apps and devices.

EyeVerify is a member of the FIDO Alliance and International Biometrics and Identification Association. The company mentioned the following additional benefits of its biometric technology:

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