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June 13, 2016 • Issue 16:06:01

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Kount or Klout?

I saw a press release that says BlueSnap is working with Kount on a fraud prevention deal. I thought Kount was some kind of social networking startup. What am I missing?

Dahlia Nguyen, Nguyen Merchant Solutions


We also saw the news about BlueSnap and Kount working together on the Cleanse Report. It was in a press release BlueSnap released May 20, 2016. For those who haven't seen the release, I'll paste in its introductory paragraph (the full release is available at www.greensheet.com/newswire.php?flag=display_story&id=41766.

"BlueSnap released the Cleanse Report to help merchants analyze their sales traffic and develop an action plan to optimize their sales funnel. So much effort goes into converting shoppers into buyers – advertising, marketing, website and checkout page localization, payments optimization – but it's wasted when transactions are declined, refunded, charged back, or stopped for fraud. By combining payments data from the Powered Buy Platform™ and shopper data from Kount's fraud engine, we are able to give merchants a much deeper understanding of the consumers they are attracting to their site."

I think you've confused Kount, which provides fraud and risk management solutions, with Klout, which helps people have more influence online. Following are brief descriptions of each, adapted from each company's website:

  • Kount was built by online merchants for online merchants and is committed to offering an end-to-end, single-source fraud and risk management solution focused on speed, simplicity and ease of use with a no-compromise approach to providing real-time accuracy in results.
  • Klout aims to help people who want to excel at social media. It assigns people scores from 0 to 100; the higher the number, the better the score. It provides advice on how to create and share content that will appeal to your audience, tracks your results, and adjusts your score the more your content is appreciated and shared.

Thanks for sending us your question. Best of luck to you in your payments endeavors.


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