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March 28, 2016 • Issue 16:03:02

New Products

Database security, enterprise scale

Product: HexaTier 4.0
Company: HexaTier

HexaTier, a security and compliance company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with U.S. offices in Irvine, Calif., and Boston, has launched HexaTier 4.0., a suite of security services devised for cloud-hosted databases and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platforms. Hexatier The infrastructure-agnostic platform and diversified set of tools can help protect organizations from internal and external information security threats. HexaTier 4.0 is installed with a front-end designed to camouflage and secure databases, using a patented Database Reverse Proxy technology. The platform's security features include automated learning mode, a database rule-based firewall, database auditing, database intrusion detection and prevention, and dynamic data masking.

"We've built a robust, unified database security and compliance solution to meet scalability and massive user needs for enterprises exploring moving their databases to the cloud or those already operating there," said David Maman, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of HexaTier. "Our innovative software approach simplifies installation, operation and maintenance, eliminates the need for any additional hardware, and can scale with the same agility that cutting edge enterprises demand when provisioning temporary or permanent instances of cloud-based databases."

Infrastructure agnostic

The company noted that unlike security solutions that may require installing an agent or placing a hardware appliance next to a database, HexaTier 4.0 is infrastructure agnostic, thus allowing connections from any appliance or structure to go through its reverse proxy mechanism and database emulator. "It's not unusual for large enterprises to have 100,000 different databases in their infrastructure," Maman added. "This makes it challenging to identify where sensitive information is located within each database and which information they need to secure, audit and mask."

HexaTier's all-in-one security and compliance solution includes four key elements:

  1. Database security: HexaTier 4.0 provides multilayered protection for databases through a database firewall, database access control, segregation of duties and blocking of SQL injections.
  2. Discovery of sensitive data: The platform uses a rules-based approach to locate and classify sensitive data throughout an enterprise.
  3. Dynamic data masking: The platform enables security teams to create policy-driven, real-time dynamic data masking based on user credentials, applications and business rules.
  4. Database activity monitoring: The platform automates compliance, auditing of administrative activity and access to sensitive data, and creation of reports for common compliance needs.

Version 4.0 enhanced features

An increasing number of Level 1 merchants are outsourcing database storage and management to reputable DBaaS providers to monitor, manage, and protect databases while keeping cardholder data out of scope. Enterprises that use cloud-hosted database systems need a way to control and manage sensitive data while complying with multiple sets of regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.The company stated that HexaTier 4.0 is a cloud-enabling solution and full technology stack that enables client organizations to secure, comply and own their sensitive data in the cloud. It offers the following functionality and features:

  • Extended organizational authentication to the cloud: HexaTier client organizations can extract existing individual and group special purpose database policies to expedite user onboarding in cloud computing and DBaaS platform adoption initiatives. Supported enterprise-level database performance: HexaTier supports enterprise grade applications, enabling internal and external users with proper access credentials to access databases simultaneously.
  • Dynamic and conditional data masking: HexaTier enables organizations to enforce dynamic data masking with conditional definitions to control exposure of sensitive information in real time to authorized IT personnel and non-production applications (for example, training, testing, and staging).
  • Security improvements: The new version includes enhanced SQL injection detection and prevention mechanism at the database layer.

Growing organizations need to support higher transaction volumes and larger customer lists containing sensitive data. HexaTier 4.0 is a simplified, all-in-one solution that small and large merchants can use to control such data while remaining compliant. end of article

Website: sales@hexatier.com Contact: sales@hexatier.com

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