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December 14, 2015 • Issue 15:12:01

New Products

Security toolbox for small to midsize merchants

Product: Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit
Company: Trustwave Holdings Inc.

Trustwave Holdings Inc., a global security service provider headquartered in Chicago, Ill., created the Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit, designed to protect small to midsize businesses (SMBs) from cybercrime, data loss and security risk. The comprehensive package includes 13 integrated tools, ranging from basic protections such as anti-virus solutions to advanced malware detection and monitoring.

"Trustwave TrustKeeper PCI Manager, with easy-to-use PCI compliance and security tools, is an important component to the TransArmor Solution," said Steve Petrevski, First Data Corp. Senior Vice President and General Manager of Security and Fraud Solutions. "Our integration with the SMB Security Toolkit provides our clients with constant protection beyond basic PCI compliance requirements. The solution is cost-effective and unparalleled in the market."

Trustwave pointed out that the toolkit delivers easy-to-use, remote access security, web malware monitoring, mobile security and a POS tracker ‒ in a competitively priced package that is simple to install and maintain.

Trustwave TrustKeeper family of solutions

The Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit is part of the Trustwave TrustKeeper PCI Manager, which provides Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance validation services. Its security tools are deeply integrated with the PCI compliance process that simplifies the Self-Assessment Questionnaire that merchants are required to answer.

The toolkit also contains anti-virus protection, vulnerability scanning, security health checks, endpoint security monitoring, credit card data scanning for data loss prevention, file integrity monitoring and more. Additional services include:

  • Remote access security: Monitors and tracks remote access software installed and enabled on endpoints and provides guidance on best practices for configuring remote access securely. Remote access tools are often an easy point of entry for attackers and a leading cause of data breaches.
  • Web malware monitoring: Regularly monitors for malware that may be present on a business's website. It also tracks other issues that may affect consumer confidence in the website, such as having an expired SSL certificate, been search engine blacklisted or experienced domain hijacking.
  • Mobile security: Audits and reports on security and compliance of mobile devices to enable proactive defense.
  • POS tracking: Tracks and monitors POS equipment for tampering and substitution. According to the 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report, 40 percent of data breaches were POS-related.

Enhanced security for acquirers, merchants

The Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit enables processors, acquirers and ISOs to offer enhanced security and compliance programs to their merchant customers.

"In today's cybercrime environment, taking a check-box approach to security is like using a deadbolt on a door made of straw: technically you've met the requirement, but it's not going to stop the bad guys," said Ted McKendall, Vice President of Product Management at Trustwave. "The Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit is a new security-first approach that delivers an integrated set of 13 easy-to-administer security tools to help these targeted businesses secure their business environment, while automating and streamlining the process of achieving PCI DSS compliance."

The toolkit's workflow and added security tools are tailored to the SMB user and provide a cost-effective way to simplify the process of securing merchant payment systems. By including these SMB security tools as part of their merchant programs, payment companies can increase revenues and merchant retention rates, Trustwave said.

Additional information about the Trustwave SMB Security Toolkit can be found at: www.trustwave.com/services/compliance-and-risk/pci-services/pci-for-acquirers-and-isos/. end of article

Contact: infosales@trustwave.com Website: www.trustwave.com

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