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Lead Story

Have you weatherproofed your ISO?


Industry Update

Visa, MasterCard to cut credit card interchange in Canada

Home Depot breached via third-party vendor

Prepaid community reacts to CFPB


Mobile global acceptance


Prepaid cards get regulatory upgrade

Patti Murphy
ProScribes Inc.

Leveling the playing field for the not-so-super ISO

Nancy Drexler
Acquired Marketing

Nothing ado about much

Kevin Mendizabal
Frates Insurance and Risk Management


Street SmartsSM:
Merchant attrition – Part 2: Call the locksmith

Tom Waters and Ben Abel
Bank Associates Merchant Services

Money20/20 insights and reflections

Peggy Bekavac Olson
Strategic Marketing

Like baseball, pitching payments takes practice

Jeff Fortney
Clearent LLC

What 2015 has in store for payments

Michael Gavin
Merchant Warehouse

Why not sell high-risk merchant processing?

Jeffrey I. Shavitz
Charge Card Systems Inc.

Company Profile

Allied Wallet

New Products

If you don't have a password, it can't be stolen

Sekur Login Inc.

A turnkey mobile POS solution

CardFlight Inc.


The benefits of darkness saving time


Readers Speak

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A Bigger Thing

The Green Sheet Online Edition

December 08, 2014  •  Issue 14:12:01

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Readers Speak

Clarifying the Apple Pay 'discount'

I was reading a letter to the editor in issue 14:10:02 regarding the Apple Pay "discount." Both Associations [now card companies] have rules concerning mobile devices and/or near field communication devices, all are considered to be card present transactions and settled as such.  I just wanted to point out that all the other devices/applications that are out in the market are treated the same as it relates to near field POS systems.

It also means that because of this the issuer can only use card present chargeback reason codes, which greatly reduces the number of reasons a cardholder or issuer could use to dispute a transaction.  I thought your readers might want to know this because they may be selling other near field POS solutions and not be aware of how the transactions will be treated.

Andrew Benjamin, TSYS Managed Services


Thank you for sending us information that will help our readers become more informed about how Apple Pay transactions will be treated by the card brands. For ease of reference, I'm pasting in below the original question from Readers Speak in our Oct. 27 issue:

Confusion over Apple Pay's 'discount' Can you explain this "discount" that issuing banks are giving back to Apple on Apple Pay [mobile wallet] transactions?

Trace Montara, Merchant level salesperson


What do you have to say?

What issues in payments are of most concern to you? What mobile solutions are you planning to implement in the next year? What would you do if you had the power to change one thing about the industry for the better? What does it really take to succeed as an ISO or merchant level salesperson? Is there a lingering question that has never been answered to your satisfaction? How are you planning to ensure your success in the coming year?

Sound off right on this page. We will welcome your perspectives, comments and questions. Please email us your thoughts at

Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.

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