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January 13, 2014 • Issue 14:01:01

Four tips for a better marketing team

By Ben Golder

Some companies' Internet and email marketing efforts are so brilliant it appears to outsiders that the people responsible for them must be particularly gifted. While it is true that not everyone can be a marketing guru or sales legend, with a little help, every marketing team can come closer to the ideal. This article contains four tips for creating a more effective marketing team.

1. Be cordial

When you respect people, they feel better about working with you. Folks tend to gravitate toward those who validate them. Right from the start, clear, informed statements or requests can convince folks to interact with you instead of just glancing at and discarding your initial email.

2. Adopt appropriate diction, style

Pay attention to the words you use. This is especially crucial when using email. Just because a term sounds important doesn't guarantee recipients will interpret it the same way. Additionally, personality and legitimacy are often assessed by the way people word and organize their writing. Always being ultra professional can come across as uptight because it lacks the human element. It's fine to sound slightly casual at times, as long as your grammar, syntax and spelling are on point.

3. Use keywords, ads wisely

There's a right way and a wrong way to employ keywords in Internet advertising. Aggressively repeating words so that your offer rises to the top of search query results is not necessarily bad. But if your advertisement blasts people with a clashing group of brightly colored, valueless words in large bold fonts, they will be no more interested in your offer than they would in cleaning cars for free.

Also, be specific. Instead of stating something generic like, "Big Sale, Big Discounts," write something like, "2-Day Sale, Up to 15% Off!" Posting snippets of real information will pique readers' interest and spur them to learn more. Also, make sure the links to your site work.

4. Employ CRM

Many POS systems have built in customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. This lets employees enhance both their salesmanship and their rapport with each customer whose data is entered into the system. Some companies have CRM options built into transaction screens; some software will automatically populate the screens. That's only the beginning of what CRM tools can do.

Implementing these four pointers can positively impact your marketing endeavors. Isn't it well worth giving them a try so you can garner some awesome results? end of article

Ben Golder is the resident writer for retailcloud and has extensive experience in the fields of customer support, product design and idea generation, as well as in writing content, blogs and articles for various companies and publications, particularly in the realms of commerce and paintball. An avid paintballer and snowboarder at heart, he looks forward to being able to move to Japan to open a paintball complex by the time he retires. Ben can be reached at ben@retailcloud.com

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