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October 28, 2013 • Issue 13:10:02

Industry insiders endorse and help further The Green Sheet's mission

To help celebrate The Green Sheet's 30th anniversary, many of our advisory board members shared perspectives on what The Green Sheet has meant, and continues to mean, to their own careers, as well as to the payments industry overall.

#quoteAdam Atlas, Attorney at Law

The Green Sheet is more than an industry newsletter; the publication actually serves as a meeting ground for a whole community in the niche of electronic payments. The editorial direction of the publication is focused on adding value to the reader's business and not just filling pages between advertisements.

As a legal contributor, I have learned to enjoy the challenge of trying to explain some of the complex legal issues of ISOs in plain English, the way most readers like to read about them. I have also learned from the broad community of readers about the importance of the good faith sharing of information and ideas that ultimately helps everyone. Thank you to The Green Sheet, and may you continue to be the "commons" for electronic payments for decades to come.

#quoteJeff Broudy, Total Merchant Services

At my kid's school they have a term called Habit of Connection. It basically helps provide the students with a framework to help them think about how they work together. The Green Sheet is one of my professional Habits of Connection. It allows me to stay connected, unlike any other publication, to the ISO industry at every level.

The timely articles and updates in every issue help me and my sales partners become more successful. It is this consistent stream of relevant and valuable information we've come to count on that has kept The Green Sheet at the top of its game for the past 30 years. Congratulations on 30 years, and I look forward to many more years of Connection.

#quoteMark Dunn, Field Guide Enterprises LLC

Congratulations and kudos to the management and staff of The Green Sheet on 30 years of success! I work with agents, small to medium-sized ISOs and banks. All of my client groups read The Green Sheet for payments information, insight and to see who's doing what in the industry.

Seven years ago, I was waiting to board a plane in New Orleans, when I spotted a guy ahead of me with the distinctive green pages of The Green Sheet tucked under his arm. I had never seen him before. I introduced myself and asked him how long he'd been selling merchant services. He said he'd been an agent for three years. "How'd you know what I do?" he asked. I tapped The Green Sheet under his arm. "Ah, The Green Sheet," he said. "I read it all the time."

#quoteSteve Eazell, Secure Payment Systems Inc.

Congratulations on 30 years of a job well done. I want to applaud The Green Sheet for their tireless efforts in bringing pertinent data to the entire acquiring industry; but mostly for their never ending support of that unsung hero, the soldier of the streets. Call them what you will: MLSs, bankcard sales agents, ISO salespeople or the like; they are the backbone of this industry.

The Green Sheet has been delivering actionable material that is consistently relevant. I can't say enough about what Paul Green has developed for our industry. Kate and her crew continue to diligently grind out "the story," and much, much more, every two weeks without fail. The Green Sheet has become and now is the voice of acquiring.

#quoteMike Fox, CPP, Group ISO Merchant Services

The Green Sheet has been a priceless tool to me, my career and my team in the payments industry. Transitioning into this industry was one of the most challenging tasks I have faced. Mike Segura, Chief Executive Officer of Group ISO, introduced me to The Green Sheet, and from then on The Green Sheet allowed me [to] gain the knowledge, confidence and answers I needed to overcome many of those challenges I faced.

For anything from industry contacts, current events, managing and training or even building our ISO, The Green Sheet has been and will continue to be a trusted and reliable source for me and my team. Joining the advisory board was an obvious choice here. Thank you Green Sheet for all the support and success. Happy 30th!

#quoteNoel Fundora, First Data Corp.

First Data values The Green Sheet as a communication vehicle for reaching Independent Sales Agents. The specifically targeted content of the publication is what makes it uniquely successful among other industry media outlets.

As a payment processing leader, First Data relies on publications like these to report on important developments and innovations in payments to not only share information from our company but to stay in touch with trends in the industry. I joined the advisory board to make sure First Data continues to provide relevant payment solutions by staying in touch with this community. Personally, it is a way to give back to an industry that has benefited me so much in my career.

#quoteMatt Golis, YapStone Inc.

The Green Sheet has been a great platform for different players in the card processing industry to have a collective voice over the years. With technology and government intervention changing this industry faster than ever, The Green Sheet has thrived as a resource that delivers on how the changes impact both established companies and new entrants.

The fact that The Green Sheet has transitioned from a "green print" publication distributed to tons of ISOs, MLSs and other payment executives to a successful online presence (as represented by the activity in the discussion forums) proves it is still relevant in the Internet Age. Congrats on 30 years serving the card payments industry!

#quoteJared Isaacman, Harbortouch

The Green Sheet provides a tremendous resource for everyone involved in the payments industry. It is the go-to source for information about industry trends and other salient topics, providing informative articles and thoughtful editorials. I read every issue and frequently visit www.greensheet.com to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry.

It's no surprise that the publication has withstood the test of time and is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary. Joining The Green Sheet Advisory Board has allowed me to share my own thoughts about the industry and stay engaged with the payments community.

#quoteLazaros Kalemis, Alpha Card Services Inc.

When I first got in the industry in 2000, there really wasn't any training available to learn the ins and outs. Luckily, in March of 2001, I found The Green Sheet forum. I spent day and night for months reading posts and answers from very intelligent people. I looked and still look forward to getting a copy in the mail, although there are quite a few more advertisements in there than 12 years ago, including ours.

I really joined the advisory board to give back to a publication and forum that helped me. My hope is to help the new reps coming into the industry like I was helped. This paying it forward with help from one's peers is a recipe for success that will help The Green Sheet over the next 30 years.

#quoteJustin Milmeister, CPP, Elite Merchant Solutions

The Green Sheet has been my bible since the moment I decided to enter the payment processing industry nearly 12 years ago. The insight provided in each issue has been instrumental to me in both starting Elite Merchant Solutions and growing it into a company honored five years in a row by the Inc. 500/5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the nation.

I recall in the early days reading through each Green Sheet and learning how the complicated puzzle of payment processing works. Twelve years later, I am still trying to figure out the puzzle, but I am lightyears further than I was when I started, and The Green Sheet certainly played a big part in my continuing education.

The Green Sheet and its contributors have a great ability to keep readers updated with the latest and greatest in our industry and forecast quite well what is coming down the pipeline. This allows people like myself and other avid Green Sheet readers to stay on the cutting edge of a very fast-moving industry. I joined The Green Sheet Advisory Board because I wanted to give back to a publication that has given so much to me and my company. Congratulations to The Green Sheet and its staff for a job well done for 30 years!

#quoteDee Karawadra, Impact PaySystem

Well, this could take up the entire article. The Green Sheet was how I became an ISO. I was a sales rep for a company whose values were very different than mine. I found out about The Green Sheet from some friends who, at the time, worked at Concord. I got online, signed up and joined the forum.

The veterans were so helpful (and witty) on the forum. A month later, I found out about the SEAA show in Atlanta … and the rest is history. From there, I started writing articles about petroleum and soon was asked to write the Street SmartsSM column.

In the beginning, The Green Sheet helped me find new ISOs to sign up with, find new vendors, learn about other products and, more importantly, get to know some of the staff. To this day, they are all close friends that I can confide in, go drinking with and talk shop with.

The Green Sheet's quest "to serve the educational and professional needs" of the feet on the street, became my quest also. The Green Sheet gave me the platform to do that by allowing me to write Street SmartsSM, join the advisory board, and do a video project, which is almost completed.

There is not one single source (besides my wife, Emily) that has played such an important role in helping me grow as an agent and now as an ISO. Big 30 … wow, I was only 10 years old then!

#quoteBiff Matthews, CardWare International

The Green Sheet was the third publication designed for the payments industry that I began reading and that I continue reading cover to cover. The Green Sheet began as a strong advocate and information source for the ISO with a high degree of emphasis on the MLSs and their success.

Whether it is networking, fulfillment, contracts, new products or services, selling – and the list goes on – The Green Sheet is there. It is one of my trusted sources for information in print, online or via a blog.

I joined the Advisory Board for four reasons:

  • With four decades of payment experience, while staying current and relevant, I have a historical perspective to share. With many who have industry experience retiring, I am concerned about younger payment professionals committing our earlier mistakes again. Preventing those mistakes is so critical because the monetary stakes are a hundredfold larger today.
  • I wanted to offer a balance by sharing my strong, sometimes contrary, opinions to augment those expressed by others.
  • I had a strong desire to share best practices for both sales and operations. While sales can sell it, it is operations that must fulfill on the sale, so the two must work in concert.
  • I had hoped through my writing to bring a greater sense of ethics and honesty to the industry.

#quoteTimothy L. Munto, TSYS Acquiring Solutions

Congratulations to Paul and team on celebrating The Green Sheet's 30th anniversary! Impressive, very impressive. Like you, I have been in the industry for just as long and have always found The Green Sheet to be a critical resource ... content full and timely, tracking the industry's most relevant trends.

Good news for all of us. The amount of change and the velocity of innovation will only continue to accelerate requiring all ISOs and MLSs to stay abreast of critical topics. The Green Sheet publication and website are important tools to support that effort.

Why I joined The Green Sheet Advisory Board? It's a great opportunity to give back to an industry that has given me so much. Wishing you all the best.

#quoteJeffrey I. Shavitz,Charge Card Systems Inc.

How fortunate are we to have a trusted trade publication where processors, ISOs and salespeople can go for objective information and news regarding the payments industry. Whether it's reading The Green Sheet on airplanes or the online issues, I find the info concise and practical, and it provides a methodology to be successful in our crazy industry. Plus, I love seeing all the new promotions with the advertisements to win our business.

#quoteRick Slifka, Exec-Links LLC

To keep up with news and developments in any industry, the first thing you need to do is identify the best sources to use.

As President and CEO of Exec-Links and having worked as an executive search consultant for 22-plus years in the payment processing industry, I've found that The Green Sheet has always kept us abreast of industry trends and acquisitions that have occurred. It helps us keep track of industry professionals, provides insight into new products and often provides us with prospective new clients.

Keeping up with industry trends and new product information always featured in The Green Sheet help us make better decisions, which can give us a competitive edge.

Because I am also involved in sales and marketing, The Green Sheet helps me identify and take advantage of the sales opportunities. Keeping up-to-date with our industry is key for building expert power, which enables us to consistently earn the trust and respect of colleagues and industry professionals.

#quoteTom Waters, CPP, Bank Associates Merchant Services

Investment bankers carry the Wall Street Journal, Realtors carry Crain's, merchant services professionals carry The Green Sheet. As I recall the momentous advances throughout my career, I can envision each new chapter beginning with me in my suit, briefcase in hand, and a fresh copy of The Green Sheet tucked under my arm.

Entry level telemarketer: hustling to find any training, whatsoever, on the industry. Education was not a priority back then (and arguably still now). The Green Sheet offered me the confidence of knowing what I was talking about when on the phones. I was provided with the industry basics, relevant news and encouraging words through the forum.

Commission-only independent contractor: verifying that my comp plan is competitive and that the company I represent is ethical so I can feel secure that I will not be forced to double-talk. The Green Sheetprovided me with validation and ancillary product offering opportunities.

Bank-facilitated outside sales: researching advanced motivation and management techniques. I learned how to finesse relationships through consultative tactics and through exuding professionalism. The Green Sheet helped me evolve past the grind of the cold call.

National Sales Trainer: referencing The Green Sheet as a must-have subscription if my agents really cared about professional growth. Observing historic industry changes and utilizing them to educate new prospects. The Green Sheet helped me capitalize on the major leadership changes in the collapsing giants of yesteryear.

Director of Sales: twelve years later, I confess that still I do not know all there is to know about merchant services. I would doubt the person who claims they do. There are so many vast and complex arenas that it does not make sense to even try to absorb it all.

What is important is that I mastered the relevant subjects that matter most to the client. There is no doubt in my mind that The Green Sheet has contributed to that mastery. I am grateful now for the ability to pay it forward through my own contributions. end of article

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