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May 27, 2013 • Issue 13:05:02

Readers Speak

Equipment for sale

I've been working in the Tri City National Bank merchant department for eight years and am an avid reader of The Green Sheet. I'm wondering if you could put me in touch with a company that buys merchant equipment. I have a number of used terminals and printers that I'd like to get rid of. If you could help me find someone who might be interested in buying used, cheap equipment, I'd appreciate it.

Michael P. Carroll
Business Development Officer


One company we are certain buys used equipment is JRs POS Depot. However, it is interested in specific models only. To find out if you have what JRs wants, call Ilham Fleecs at 877-999-7374, ext. 100.

If JRs cannot help you, try reaching out to other companies listed under the Equipment heading in the Resource Guide. It appears in the back of each issue of The Green Sheet. In addition to JRs, companies in this category currently include:

We hope you find a company that can put your used equipment to good use.


A flipbook fan

"Coach" Bob Schoenbauer recently endorsed The Green Sheet's new flipbook. It's an additional format for enjoying the publication and can be accessed via the right-hand column of our home page, www.greensheet.com. Schoenbauer wrote, "That is hot, hot, hot! Awesome idea. This will get me back to reading the GS on a regular basis. Thanks for the banner ad to let us all know of the great new portal."

From GS Online's MLS Forum

What's up with free PayPal Here processing?

In a recent thread on GS Online's MLS Forum titled PayPal kills cash register, JGARZA posted news of PayPal Inc.'s offering free credit, debit, check and PayPal Inc. processing for the remainder of 2013 to "qualifying" merchants who adopt its PayPal Here solution. He asked forum members whether this would "put an end to Square and Groupon Payments." Following are excerpts from the replies he received:

"The payments landscape is going to get real interesting in the coming year. ... Can't wait to see the fine print. Contract length, cancellation clauses. To give it away for a time period, they have to cover themselves somehow to recoup. Lot's of venture capital will be spent competing with this, I believe."


"How long until they come out with an ISO model?"


"Seriously, I wonder what their upfront bonus is going to be."


"The article says it will be free for the rest of 2013 for 'qualifying U.S. businesses that adopt its PayPal Here solution,' but I don't see anything on the PayPal site mentioning this, or how to qualify. Doubt it's free for every business signing up. ... Anyone have details?"


"PayPal ... has all the e-commerce merchants already. What ISO/processor or payment gateway or equipment software company offers something close to this?"

- GreenSheetFootball

"Considering 70 percent of the market is closed off to them via non-cooperation from FD [First Data], this is nothing more than a gimmick and/or a Hail Mary to stay in the game. My guess is they will be running the merchant account biz through themselves as an ISO and routing the PayPal directly to themselves via their system. I am not worried about this at all. In fact, I find it good for business, and I feel the same way about Square. They are great additions to our industry."

- PaymentLogistics

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