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April 08, 2013 • Issue 13:04:01

Readers Speak

Where to send press releases

I'm a Marketing Associate of Revo Payments. As a payments company, Revo Payments wants to make sure our announcements make it to The Green Sheet.

What do we need to do to be sure our desired press releases are going to the right place? I look forward to hearing back from you, as Revo Payments is very interested in being featured in The Green Sheet.

Kelsey Venditozzi
Revo Payments


Thank you for getting in touch. Please send your press releases to press@greensheet.com. Everyone on our editorial team receives press releases sent to that address. We post them under News From the Wire on our home page as soon as possible after receipt every regular business day.

The releases we post online are also a primary source for items to include in The Green Sheet's Industry Update section in both our print and online editions. Sometimes press releases lead to stories in our News section, as well.

We receive too many releases to be able to include all worthy items in Industry Update or News, but we endeavor to include as much as we can. We look forward to learning about all of your company's latest developments.


A stand in our lobby?

Can we get a drop-off for The Green Sheet at our location? We are a growing company and want to have a stand like you would see at a grocery store or on a street corner in our lobby.

Jay Wellington
Sales Associate


Thank you for your interest in The Green Sheet. We do not distribute our publications via newspaper stands. We maintain an opt-in subscriber list.

You and your colleagues can subscribe via the Subscriptions option in the menu bar just below our name at the top of our website, www.greensheet.com. You can receive The Green Sheet in print, online or in both formats.


From GS Online's MLS Forum

Keep an eye on prepaid in interchange mix

GS Online MLS Forum member SALTWATER was curious about how various ISOs and processors were planning to address the major card brands' April 2013 interchange adjustments. SALTWATER asked three questions: 1. What are the big updates? 2. Are you making adjustments to your entire portfolio? 3. Are you marking these up?

Following are excerpts from the discussion that ensued on the MLS Forum:

"We made no adjustments. It looked like most of the adjustments involved prepaid debit. We don't do a lot of prepaid, and we make a pretty nice margin across our portfolio. So, we absorbed the increases."

- JEH1003

"Capital Bankcard won't be marking up our accounts. For our interchange accounts, the increase, of course, will be passed through directly with all of the normal interchange fees, but there won't be any mark-up on our side. We usually try to ensure that these little periodic increases don't affect our merchants any more than they actually have to. When I've been asked questions regarding how to broach the topic with merchants, I usually advise that they explain that, yes, on occasion the interchange categories themselves will be raised, but that is solely a function of true cost, and doesn't have any corollary to what we, as a company, are charging."


"Tons of prepaid card products are popping up. The new acronym is GPR: general purpose reloadable card. These are being marketed heavily to the unbanked and underbanked as alternatives to traditional bank DDA products, and most even offer direct deposit capabilities, like the AmEx/Wal-Mart Bluebird product. Remember that you have no control over this expense element in your portfolio. If you have merchants on tiered pricing and their card mix shifts more toward prepaid, it may negatively impact your margins. Put a note on your calendar sometime this summer to run a new card type analysis on your portfolio."


end of article

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