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Secure customer data by not storing it

MES e-Commerce Payment Gateway and MES Virtual Terminals
Merchant e-Solutions

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September 24, 2007  •  Issue 07:09:02

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New Products

Secure customer data by not storing it

Product: MES e-Commerce Payment Gateway and MES Virtual Terminals

Cardholder security is a serious issue to cardholders as well as merchants. Usually, problems arise when merchants improperly store customers' credit card information at the place of business, where a clever thief can steal precious customer data.

Once such a security breach occurs, the sacred trust between the customer and merchant is damaged, possibly ruined, forever.

One way to ensure that card data is not improperly stored is to not store it at all. Merchant e-Solutions Inc. recently introduced two solutions that enable merchants to process payments without storing credit card numbers on their systems: the e-Commerce Payment Gateway and the Virtual Terminal.

The e-Commerce Payment Gateway supports e-commerce, MO/TO, business-to-business and card present payment processing, while enabling transactions to qualify for the lowest possible card fees.

According to MSI, it provides merchants a streamlined application program interface that's easy on a merchant's Internet technology resources and integrates into existing order-entry products, shopping carts and electronic retail systems.

Additionally, the gateway supports recurring and installment payments without the need to store card numbers, the use of multiple business names through a single merchant account and the automatic reversal of unsettled transactions.

It also provides real-time access to transaction activity through a dedicated Web interface.

The MES Virtual Terminal is designed for merchants who use PCs to process credit card transactions.

When using the virtual terminal, merchants need only a computer, browser and Internet access.

Merchants don't store customer data on their computers or update payment software; all updates are handled centrally by MES.

The terminal supports card present and card not present transactions, single and batched transactions, and recurring and installment payments _ all without storing credit card numbers.

It is said to reduce data entry tasks, qualify transactions for the best rates, easily create customized reports and minimize transaction risks.

Merchant e-Solutions
(888) 288-2692

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