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Pause before you walk the tradeshow floor

You've just entered your hotel room, tradeshow registration packet in one hand, suitcase handle in the other. The opening reception begins in two hours. Let's assume you've prepared in advance: you've written down your overall goals, researched the companies and individuals you want to develop relationships with, and set up several promising appointments.

Let's also assume you don't have to rush right down to the exhibition hall to help set up a booth.

What now?

Take care of yourself

Travel, even when all goes smoothly, is stressful. Put down your gear and take several deep breaths. Inspect the room, and make sure everything is clean and in working order.

Take note of physical sensations you are feeling, and if you're thirsty, drink a few sips of water. Then, before you unpack, unwind through movement and stretching. Here are some possibilities: shake your hands at your sides to release tension. Stand on one leg and shake the other and vice versa. Stretch tall and reach for the ceiling. Then bend at the waist and touch your toes (bend your knees if you need to).

If you're hungry, eat a healthy snack.

Get organized

People are comfortable with different levels of organization. Some folks basically live out of their suitcases when traveling; others tuck their clothing and accessories away in closets and drawers and neatly line up their toiletries in the bathroom. Do whatever makes you feel most at home.

Set up your work area. Put your registration materials, calendar and files, if any, on the desk or table provided, and set up your computer. Thus, when you return from the opening reception, you can spend a few minutes making notes and doing the highest priority follow up. If all of your tools are still packed away, you might easily decide to postpone this until the morning.

Visualize your goals

Take out your list of goals and review them, so your objectives will be clear in your mind before you begin networking.

Next, sit in a chair or lie down on the bed, and visualize what you want. For example, picture yourself shaking hands with an attendee you want to do business with.

Picture your conversation with that person going very well. See yourself getting a contract signed on the spot. And imagine how good that will feel.

Smile and step out

Now that you have a game plan, get cleaned up and put on clothing that is professional, yet comfortable. Then smile and walk out the door, prepared to have fun connecting with others. end of article

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A Thing