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Daniel Wadleigh
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November 22, 2010  •  Issue 10:11:02

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Marketing with credibility and impact

By Daniel Wadleigh

To improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it is useful to look at what is missing from your current marketing collateral. For example, when I evaluate websites and ads, I look for three essential elements.

To be effective, websites and other advertising must:

  1. Grab readers' attention
  2. Convey credibility (which fosters trust)
  3. Have a motivational impact on prospective customers

The majority of ads and websites (and this is being generous) are missing these three components. The reason is that the people who create them do not know about them. These individuals are not stupid; they are just unaware of how essential these elements are.

Including them can greatly increase results, particularly if the elements are working together simultaneously.


It is important to grab prospects' attention as early as possible. Don't, for example, put your strongest message at the bottom of the page; some readers will never make it that far if nothing strikes them in a positive way early on. Make your statements vivid in terms of wording, accompanying graphic elements and placement on the page.


In addition to grabbing attention immediately, you have to establish, as early as possible, the fact that your claims are valid. This can be done through testimonials, reviews and studies that explain or justify your claims.


You must make valid claims that declare you can deliver the product or service your prospects want in some superior or unique manner. If you do not make such claims, your ad will have little impact; it will not generate many responses.

This does not mean you should exaggerate or deceive your potential customers. That will only harm you in the long run. You must state your case honestly in a way that entices them so thoroughly they are compelled to take the next step toward establishing a relationship with you.

I cannot stress enough that your claims have to be credible to have the impact you are looking for. People are tired of getting disappointed by expectations that are never met (which is an argument for over-delivering on what you promise).

The question

Part of the impact equation is reeling prospective customers in by asking a question that will lead to their answering, in some form, that they are open to what you are offering.

The question could be as simple as, do you want to learn how these folks got what they wanted? Questions like this can spur people to read further and enable you to deliver your core messages.

Remember, it's always important to grab and hold readers' attention, convey credibility and have a motivational impact on your prospects so they can fully evaluate who you are and what you have to offer. Only then will they be inclined to become your customers.

Daniel Wadleigh is a veteran marketing consultant in the payments industry. He offers an educational program that is available on a PowerPoint presentation and designed to help ISOs elevate themselves above the competition. For more information, please call him at 512-803-0956.

Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.

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