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October 25, 2010 • Issue 10:10:02


Providing contact information

I just signed up for The Green Sheet and have a general question. Is there any way possible to obtain contact info for, say, one of the industry leaders (Jim Baumgartner) you list on your site?

Christos Vrahnos
New subscriber


Welcome, and thank you for subscribing to The Green Sheet. I hope our publications will keep you informed and thriving in your payments industry career.

Sorry, but we do not have contact information for Jim Baumgartner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Moneris Solutions (whose profile appeared in The Green Sheet, June 23, 2008, issue 08:06:02). Try calling Moneris toll-free at 866-666-3747.


Who's on top now?

I was hoping you could help me with a question. I was wondering who the 10 leading financial processors are; that is to say, No. 1, First Data; No. 2, Fifth Third, etc. This information would be helpful.

Jason A. Collins
Payments Your Way LLC


We do a report on acquirers in the December issue of our quarterly, GSQ, each year. The link to our December 2009 issue, 2009 acquirers report: Creating order from chaos is www.greensheet.com/gsq_pdfs/gsqv12n4.pdf. We are in the process of doing research for our December 2010 GSQ, which will contain up-to-date rankings for the top acquirers. Until we're done with that, the December 2009 report contains the latest data we have. I hope this is helpful to you and to others who may be curious about who the leading acquirers are.


From GS Online's MLS Forum

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Attendance at regional tradeshows

MLS Forum member PAYMENTLOGISTICS.COM was trying to decide whether to attend the Western States Acquirers Association meeting, which took place Oct. 13 and 14, 2010, as an attendee or an exhibitor, so he began a discussion thread "WSAA attendance breakdown" by posting the following question:

"Who attends WSAA and the other regional conferences? Is it mostly ISOs or do a lot of agents attend as well? Can folks who have been there in the past give me an idea of the number and makeup of attendees? I'm interested in who the attendees are - not the exhibitors."

Following are a few of the replies PAYMENTLOGISTICS.COM received:

"I go to almost every conference. Attendees tend to be a good mix of ISO and MLS. You will find more ISO and CEO level attendees at the ETA. ... For the first time [you attend], unless you have someone manning your booth, you will miss the opportunity to really network and mingle. Could I suggest going as a roaming exhibitor? That way you can promote yourself while you walk around. Then have a booth set up in your suite to take meetings in. You meet more people that way and have a better chance to see what your competitors are doing." - FASTTRANSACT

"Maybe I am the naysayer, but the fact is that exhibitors seem to greatly exceed the number of potential 'customers' at every regional show. I have been to many off and on over the past five years and have to say that the cost of attendance far outweighs the benefits of the show to me. If you are new, it may be worth going to one or two. But don't expect a quantum leap in production." - CLEARENT

"We'll be there. The regional shows usually have a good mixture of ISOs and Agents - a lot more MLSs walking the floor than at the ETA. Being an exhibitor is well worth it if you're looking for agents and have a good product to offer them." - GRP_FUNDING

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