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July 27, 2009 • Issue 09:07:02


The Green Sheet, Inc.The righteous WAY

The June 2009 GSQ has a series of articles pertaining to tech knowledge and mobile payments. GSQ pictures the WAY Systems 1581 on page 6 under "Tech knowledge means acquiring power" (that's good), but it pictures our device again on page 27 with the banner reading "Older terminals, cause for concern."

The WAY Systems MTT 1581 is fully PCI/PED/DSS-compliant, in addition to other security measures, so I don't understand why GSQ would picture our device with "older terminals." One thing I did not notice was a reference to the new series of wireless devices emerging in the market. At WAY, we have developed the way5000, which is a multi-application device capable of over-the-air updates for security compliances, as well as parameters from the processor. Was anyone at WAY Systems asked to offer a quote for the article? No one contacted me, but I have only been back working at the company since April 1, 2009, so this article's research may have predated my return.

Tim McWeeney
WAY Systems Inc.


Thank you for bringing up your concern about the placement of the WAY Systems 1581 picture on page 26 of GSQ, Vol 12., No. 2, "2009 Tech snapshots: Acquiring technologies for the 21st century." We placed it there to contrast with older terminals, but we did not create the desired effect, as you have pointed out. We did not intend to imply that the WAY Systems 158 is obsolete, out of compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard or the PCI PIN Entry Device standard, or a cause for concern in any way. We apologize for not making that clear.

Many people were contacted in the process of conducting research for this issue of GSQ. While I do not have all the research notes in my possession at this time and cannot say who was contacted when, I can say that, while we make an effort to include as many views as possible in every GSQ, we cannot include the perspectives of everyone who has something valuable to add to the discussion, given the amount of time and space we have available.

Coincidentally, the way5000 is featured on page 90 of this issue of The Green Sheet (July 27, 2009, issue 09:07:02).


The Green Sheet, Inc.Print edition in demand

How can I receive The Green Sheet in the mail?

Stuart Chadwick
Xpert Merchant Services LLC


Thank you for your interest in The Green Sheet's print edition. Here's how to subscribe: From our home page, click "Subscriptions." Then click "Subscribe to the Mailed Green Sheet." On the next page that appears, fill in the required information fields, and press "Submit."

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The Green Sheet, Inc.Which companies are best?

I am interested in getting into the credit card processing field; however, there are so many companies that make many claims. I am looking for a little direction, as to who are the best, most reputable companies to seek out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Maynard


Our purpose is to educate and inform professionals in the payments industry, specifically the ISOs and merchant level salespeople whose work is so vital to the industry's health. However, we do not recommend specific companies to our readers. We suggest you review our editorial content and advertising, including our Resource Guide; select companies that look as though they might be a good fit for you, and contact them to obtain further information. Prepare a list of questions beforehand and closely evaluate the responses you receive.

Also, joining GS Online's MLS Forum will give you the opportunity to ask questions of those who are established in the industry. You'll need to register on our Web site first. Just click on "Register Today!" in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, and follow the prompts from there. After you've registered, click on "General Information" for information on accessing the MLS Forum. Good luck to you!


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