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March 23, 2009 • Issue 09:03:02


The Green Sheet, Inc.What's this job worth?

I'm a big fan of The Green Sheet. I came into the industry almost two years ago working in operations for an ISO. I came in blind with no prior experience in the industry, and your publication helped me gain a lot of my knowledge. Thank you for putting together such an informative publication.

I don't know if The Green Sheet has produced a similar article in the past, but I wanted to provide you with a story idea. As you know, many ISOs have large in-house support teams such as customer service, underwriting, risk, POS and deployment, information technology and so on.

With the current economic crisis, many companies are looking to make changes, whether this be consolidating departments or taking advantage of the hiring market by bringing in high-quality people who have been out of work in similar industries. I'm interested in knowing what the average incomes or salary requirements are for people in this industry.

I think it would be very interesting to see where our company stands compared to what the current averages are, and I'm sure many other companies would be interested as well. Thanks again for putting together such a great publication.

Debbie Barlow-Taylor
National Merchant Center


I'm delighted The Green Sheet has helped you build your career in the payments industry; that is why we exist, so it's uplifting to know we're making a difference.

And thank you for suggesting such a timely topic. I don't know if anyone is keeping track of such information, so I checked in with Curt Hensley, who founded a recruiting firm focused exclusively on the payments industry, to see if he'd like to speak to this.

He said he and his colleagues have "a wealth of industry knowledge as far as what positions pay with a certain skill set in a particular location." He offered to answer any specific questions you have. You can reach him by phone at 480-315-8800 or by e-mail at curt@cshconsulting.com.

Curt also thinks the topic could lead to an interesting article, so keep on eye out for his byline, which appears regularly in The Green Sheet's Education section.

Thank you for getting in touch.


The Green Sheet, Inc.In good with the law

I had a chance to read several publications of The Green Sheet and value the information and its content. At this point, I am in the process of finalizing my ISO contract. Can you please refer me to at least three names of attorneys on record with The Green Sheet who specialize in ISO contracts?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

Tom Kutmus


The Green Sheet does not endorse specific industry experts who write for us or companies that advertise with us, believing it is best to remain neutral in such matters and leave judgments about business partners and professional service providers up to our readers. However, we do have contact information for several attorneys specializing in the payments industry.

Adam Atlas is one of The Green Sheet's contributing writers. You may find "A primer on ISO agreements," The Green Sheet, Jan. 9, 2006, issue 06:01:01, useful. He can be reached at atlas@adamatlas.com or 514-842-0886.

Other prominent payments industry attorneys include Theodore Monroe, monroe@tfmlaw.com or 310-694-8161; Anthony Ogden, tony.ogden@bankcardlaw.com or 661-775-8527; Paul Rianda at paul@riandalaw.com or 949-261-7895; and Holli Targan, htargan@jaffelaw.com or 248-727-1460. Targan is President-elect of The Electronic Transactions Association.

You might also want to join GS Online's MLS Forum, a place where merchant level salespeople offer advice and opinions on all aspects of merchant services. If you pose your question there, you are likely to get a variety of helpful perspectives on attorneys specializing in ISO contracts. You can join the Forum by clicking on Register Today! in the upper right-hand section of our home page (www.greensheet.com).


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