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The Green Sheet Online Edition

June 07, 2007  •  Issue 07:06:01

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Debunking wireless myths

By Bulent Ozayaz

Myths endure, even when refuted by airtight logic. To some extent, that's the situation we face today with regard to wireless POS systems, which have great potential to modernize POS transactions. Persistent fears about wireless monsters of old are holding back the march of progress.

I'd like to dispel the myths circulating about wireless POS technology. Why should you care? Primarily because grasping the true advantages of wireless POS systems will boost your profit potential and increase your value to customers.

All myths have some basis in a distant reality. And in the past, there were very significant drawbacks to wireless payments. But times have changed. So let's take a look at the myths and realities of wireless as they apply to payment processing today.

Myth No. 1: Coverage isn't good

Myth No. 2: It takes longer to set up a wireless merchant account than a countertop account

Myth No. 3: There isn't enough support for wireless POS

Myth No. 4: Merchants are doing fine without wireless, so why change?

Myth No. 5: Wireless is expensive

Myth No. 6: Wireless is slow

Myth No. 7: Wireless isn't secure

Myth No. 8: Wireless equipment isn't sturdy

Moving forward

Skeptics like to point out that in the United States, the overall wireless adoption rate has been slower than in Europe and Asia. But don't forget that for many years the United States enjoyed not only the most advanced landline infrastructure, but also the lowest costs. The incentive to go wireless in Europe, Asia and Latin America was much greater due to the cost advantages that wireless technology offered.

It has taken time for wireless in the United States to match and then surpass the advantages of our landline system.

While there are regions throughout the country that don't have wireless service, they are mainly unpopulated or barely populated areas where you're not likely to be selling anyway.

In fact, 99% of Americans are now living in counties in which next-generation wireless services are available, according to CTIA –: The Wireless Association. It reported there are now more than 233 million wireless subscribers in the United States.

The art of any deal lies in selling the customer on the benefits. With wireless there are many. But there are also benefits for you. Adding a wireless terminal to every deal will provide you with greater profits and up-selling potential.

Bulent Ozayaz is VeriFone Vice President of Marketing for North America. He can be reached at

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