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        This article contains excerpts from news stories recently posted under   in 2015 opened the door for consumer group litigation
        Breaking Industry News on our homepage. For links to these and other   involving purported violations of the country's fair
        full news stories, please visit  competition laws.
                                                                ATM industry honors LeRoy Huntimer
                                                                ATM industry leader LeRoy Huntimer will long be
                                                                remembered for his friendly disposition and stewardship
                                                                of the ATM community. Huntimer, who passed away
                                                                from cancer on Dec. 9, 2020, was senior vice president,
                                                                sponsorship services at PB&T Bank and an active
        UK Supreme Court ruling could                           participant in industry affairs.
        cost Mastercard billions
                                                                David Tente, U.S. executive director at the ATM Industry
        Mastercard suffered a blow in its battle over interchange   Association recalled Huntimer had generously devoted
        pricing in the United Kingdom. On Dec. 11, 2020, the UK's   time to ATMIA's governmental relations, independent
        highest court, the Supreme Court, ruled that the country's   ATM deployers and sponsoring financial institutions
        Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) must reconsider a     committees, as well  as  ATMIA's U.S.  regional board
        class  action-style  lawsuit  filed  against  Mastercard  on   of directors. His involvement earned him the ATMIA
        behalf of millions of consumers that CAT had previously   Outstanding Service Award in 2016 and 2018, Tente noted.
                                                                Vanderhoof leaves smarter,
        The lawsuit seeks 14 billion British Pounds ($18.6 billion)   stronger payments sphere
        in alleged overcharges UK consumers paid for goods and   Randy Vanderhoof retired after 18 years of leadership
        services because of Mastercard interchange fees. While   at  the  Secure  Technology  Alliance and  U.S.  Payments
        class action lawsuits are common in the United States, in   Forum. Vanderhoof said it was time to pass the torch to
        the UK such lawsuits are rare. A law enacted by the UK
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