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Connecting and
        Letter from the editor                                                 Beyond

                  t the start of 2021, all of us at The Green Sheet
                  are filled with gratitude for you, our readers
                  and partners, for your support as we carry         Contact us today
        A out our mission to assist professionals in the
        payments industry. In particular, we offer resources
        to the feet on the street who provide merchants an
        expanding array of products and services to make their      For your personal
        endeavors more efficient and profitable. Hats off to all
        who stepped up to help others find new opportunities
        in a year that brought unprecedented upheaval.
                                                                       Discovery Call
        Members of our Advisory Board are among those who
        have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic with success
        and helped others to do the same. This issue's lead ar-
        ticle shares more of their insights in the third and fi-
        nal installment of a Q&A addressing successes, lessons
        learned and thoughts on transitioning to 2021.
        Our contributors have also shared advice on getting
        off to a strong start in the new year. They've discussed
        what the likely trends and challenges will be in 2021;
        nine resolutions to make a fresh start for your business;
        and six predictions for the coming year. They've also
        explored the strategic planning process, which involves
        evaluating your product lineup and ensuring you have
        the right programs and products that add real value to
        your merchant base; the need for merchants to up their
        game and restructure every aspect of the customer        Spotlight Innovator Pages, Video Marketing,
        journey as the world rapidly shifts to digital channels;
        and how the new norms brought on by the pandemic          Resource Guides, Target Email Campaigns.
        are forcing consumers and merchants to rethink prefer-
        ences for legacy payments, like cash.
                                                                      Amplify your message across
        News stories highlighted in this issue include a UK Su-
        preme Court ruling that could cost Mastercard billions        channels. Expand your reach
        of dollars; the ATM industry's loss of long-time leader
        LeRoy Huntimer; Randy Vanderhoof's leaving a stron-         with pioneering, one-of-a-kind,
        ger payments sphere upon his retirement; a warning             multimedia promotions and
        to brace for heightened fraud in 2021; and Visa's deci-
        sion to pump the brakes on interchange rate hikes. On      campaigns. Partner with us today.
        the tradeshow front, the MPC Digital Commerce Event
        plans to significantly expand its scope—with the help
        of new partners.
                                                                                Rick Aston
        In addition to our customary company and new prod-                Media Partnership Specialist
        uct profiles, as well as updates on milestones in pay-
        ments, you'll find reflections on what life will look like
        when the pandemic is contained and we can resume
        social and commercial activities with gusto. We look                  707-284-1693
        forward to learning of your latest developments at, and we'll welcome your feedback

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