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Up with DCC in down economy


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One platform, one processor

Processing giants go separate ways

No advance for AdvanceMe appeal

Phoenix rising from MPI ashes

2008 Calendar of events

Association roll call - Part II


Brazilian banks look to Linux for ATMs

Ulric Rindebro

Perfecting the art of portfolio sales

Tourist tracker


The facts on FACTA

Ross Federgreen


Street SmartsSM:
Make low price low priority

Jason Felts
Advanced Merchant Services

Great branding on zero budget

Curt Hensley
CSH Consulting

Shop before you sign

Adam Atlas
Attorney at Law

Thriving in a secure payments world

Scott Henry

Bets are on in evolving payments space

Ken Musante
Humboldt Merchant Services

Allies in accountability

Jeff Fortney
Clearent LLC

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International Bancard Corp.

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PCI compliance and beyond

Merchant Warehouse

Fight shrinkage with small footprint

NCR RealScan 74 OFX
NCR Corp. and ADT Security Services Inc.


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The Green Sheet Online Edition

June 09, 2008  •  Issue 08:06:01

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Enthusiasm for RDC

The following was e-mailed to The Green Sheet in response to "Lasso merchants with RDC," the lead story on remote deposit capture in issue 08:05:02, published May 28, 2008:

Great article on RDC! Thank you again for including Panini in your research, and please let us know if we can help in the future.

Jessica Back
Marketing Communications Manager
Panini North America


We are delighted you found the article worthwhile. In our reporting, we rely on the perspectives of industry experts; we appreciate Panini's helpfulness, as well as that of many other members of the payments community.


Support matters

My thoughts in response to the article ["IP yea, dial-up nay," by Scott Henry, The Green Sheet, April 28, 2008, issue 08:04:02] questioning why the vast majority does not take advantage of new and cheaper technology is based on my having worked in the help desk of the largest processor in the world. My experience indicates the skill set and knowledge training is not available to support this technology. Merchants and sales reps are very frustrated in the support on initial setup, as well as when the product does not work. ... At the end of the day, the reason why this technology does not excel is the support that's available.

Robert Smith


We referred your message to Mr. Henry, VeriFone's Director, North American Product Marketing. Here is his response:

With the introduction of any new technology, there is an initial infancy stage where early adopters and suppliers go through a learning process. There are clear indications that with IP technology we have moved beyond that point on the innovation adoption curve and are well into the phase where even initial skeptics are ready to try it out. This is evidenced by increasing demand in wireless, the manufacture of second- and third-generation Ethernet terminals, the growing number of class A certifications for IP devices, and availability of comprehensive sales and support training tools. The technology itself is easier to use - note the wide-scale consumer adoption of wireless routers, smart phones and Wi-Fi equipped notebook computers. Software and diagnostic tools have been developed to ease implementation and field support. Migration to more advanced technology is inevitable and follows a predictable maturing process. Those in the ISO/merchant level salesperson community who acquire the appropriate knowledge now will be well-equipped to help their customers move into the future. Those who don't will eventually have to adapt as their customers recognize the technology has become mainstream.

Thanks for your feedback; we hope this information proves useful.


Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.

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