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July 10, 2023 • Issue 23:07:01

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POS with true cash discount, dual pricing

Product: True Cash Discount (TCD)
Company: Dejavoo Systems

Dejavoo Systems, an iPOS Systems brand, created True Cash Discount (TCD), a solution that combines accurate cash discounting with dual pricing at the POS. The solution is designed to be seamless and intuitive for merchants and their customers, according to Dejavoo, a value-added reseller and end-to-end electronic payment technology provider.

Dejavoo representatives noted that TCD can accurately calculate cash discounts on POS terminals and smartphones. This creates an innovative payment flow, they added, enabling merchants to offer a true and accurate discount to cash-paying customers from an itemized list price, while avoiding add-on fees that apply to card transactions.

When a participating device is in cash register mode, it administers a preset discount to a merchant's suggested retail price (MSRP), also known as "list price" or "general price," allowing tax and tips to be added before the final payment, the company noted. Shoppers can see both regular and discounted cash pricing and make an informed decision at the POS.

Accurate, pre-tax calculations

By referencing a built-in, itemized price list, TCD administers a preset discount to a merchant's suggested retail price, Dejavoo representatives noted, adding that the device presents pre-tax calculations, enabling customers to view their pricing options and choose to pay with cash, debit or credit. They further cited the following features and benefits:

  • Accurate calculations: Cash-paying customers receive a discount based on the MSRP entered, with no additional fees.
  • No mention of fees: The TCD user interface, software application, reports and receipts do not mention any fees, only available, saved or unrealized discounts.
  • No extra charges: The system does not create the impression that customers are paying extra to use credit or debit cards but instead rewards customers with discounts when they pay cash.
  • Transparent pricing: Items are always displayed in dual pricing mode, with receipts showing cash-paying customers how much money they saved, and customers who pay with methods other than cash will see an MSRP.
  • Option to treat debit as cash: A "debit as cash" option during the set-up process enables merchants to treat debit just like cash, enabling the device to automatically discount qualifying cards within a BIN file database, at the terminal or gateway, prior to authorization.
  • Card discount: Merchants have the option to activate any type of discount, at any time, by any payment type.
  • Dual/multi-pricing display: The system can automatically convert the MSRP amount into a dual or multi-pricing display to clearly show final payment options to customers.
  • Dejavoo customer-facing hardware: The use of a Dejavoo PIN pad device provides maximum consumer pricing disclosure throughout the check-out process.
  • Receipt disclosures: Only discount-related messages appear on printed customer receipts.

Reseller, channel partner benefits

TCD is available on Dejavoo's P, QD and Z terminals and PIN pads and phones, which merchants can purchase from Dejavoo resellers and sales channel partners, the company stated. Merchants can implement dual pricing, itemized register pricing or both options, Dejavoo also pointed out, advising merchants to ensure that discounts are calculated from list prices and allow the register to add tax, tips and discounts based on their requirements.

For merchants to be compliant with cash discounting rules, items must be marked with list price (card price) and not discounted price, Dejavoo representatives emphasized, adding that merchants can review the company's DPP Price Viewer option.

The company feels that with growing demand for cash discounts and dual pricing, True Cash Discount gives merchants the best of both worlds: merchants can choose to apply these discounts to debit cards as well as cash, or to enable card price discounts, and merchants can show grand total discounts and print discount messages on all customer receipts. Dejavoo's team of experts, company representatives noted, is helping create a seamless payments experience for partners, merchants and customers. end of article

Website: https://ipossystems.com Contact: sales@dejavoosystems.com

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