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June 12, 2023 • Issue 23:06:01

New Products

Proven training system builds sales, revenue growth

Product: Momentum Building
Company: Field Guide Enterprises LLC

Field Guide Enterprises LLC, an executive consulting, training and marketing communications company, enhanced its Momentum Building system, a program designed to help payments industry enterprises develop and maintain vision by implementing core business processes to improve efficiencies and promote growth.

Mark Dunn, president and founder of Field Guide Enterprises, said Field Guide has been working with merchant bankcard companies since its inception in 2004 by specializing in four key areas: executive consulting, sales training and seminars, selling agents' and ISOs' residual streams and portfolios, and designing tailored marketing and communications programs.

"Field Guide is dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve their goals and dreams," Dunn said. "Our aim is to empower our clients with valuable insights and knowledge based on our own experiences and successes."

Inspire teams, boosting sales revenue

Dunn went on to say that Field Guide Enterprises focuses on activities that engage sales teams and boost sales revenue. The company's deep payments industry experience, he noted, facilitates a range of projects and partnerships that inspire confidence and help clients win more deals.

"We specialize in helping ISOs, banks, vendors and fintechs get to the next level," he said. "For some, this might mean assisting with a new product or service launch. For others, it might mean transitioning from a retail ISO to a wholesale or FSP ISO with their own BIN and portability. Other companies may need a tailored program to help structure a dynamic sales plan and compensation that kicks their revenue numbers into overdrive."

Leverage training technology

Dunn described the Field Guide technology suite as a diverse collection of program training, role playing and inspiration, noting the company launched the first completely online training program for agents, ISOs and banks in 2010. To date, thousands of agents have gone through the online course and live seminars at regional tradeshows, Dunn stated, adding that Field Guide helps clients build confident, capable sales teams on Zoom calls and online coaching programs. Field Guide Consulting Partner Juan Ortiz, for example, is exceptionally skilled at live presentations and coaching videos that inspire clients, Dunn said, citing high-impact, short-term engagements as a key program differentiator.

In addition to having a fast return on investment, Dunn noted, sessions include accessible senior consultants and leverage years of experience and thousands of decision-maker contacts in the payments industry.

Build sales teams, partnerships 

Emphasizing that Field Guide Enterprises is more than a consultancy, Dunn described the company as a resource for fintechs, payments companies, banks, ISOs and merchants. Its growing suite of programs is designed to guide clients through the complex world of electronic payments while helping them build and execute their payments strategy.

Dunn positioned the company's Momentum Building program as a unique results-driven experience that offers the following features and benefits:

  • Accountability: We teach it, believe in and live it every day.
  • Progress: We help our clients build momentum and reach predictable success.
  • Education: We educate in order to build confidence, use tools effectively and reach goals.
  • Break down barriers: We simplify, remove friction and direct clients to their success.

Get results

Reflecting on his more than 30 years of payments industry experience, Dunn mentioned that building strong sales teams has been a challenge for ISOs and sales channel partners. Field Guide, he noted, can help partners overcome barriers with customized programs and practical tools, resources and hands-on consultative advice.

"We help clients put the right program in place, from clarifying the sales team's mission to finding and training qualified individuals all the way to accelerating sales growth and revenues," he said, adding that he and Ortiz also speak at ISO sales meetings where they provide the "best inspirational messages you'll ever hear" and book themselves as "Juan and Dunn." end of article

Website: https://gofieldguide.com Contact: mark@gofieldguide.com

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