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February 27, 2023 • Issue 23:02:02

New Products

Enhanced platform expands, enriches merchant capabilities

Product: AXIUM
Company: Ingenico North America

Ingenico, a leading payment services provider, added AXIUM Retail Core (ARC) capabilities to its U.S. line of AXIUM platform terminals. The fully integrated terminal application brings backward compatibility and enhanced capabilities to integrators and merchants, enabling them to easily link payment services with other widely used systems, according to Brad Giles, senior vice president, marketing and sales enablement, Ingenico North America.

"ARC supports legacy RBA and UPP APIs and is available on all AXIUM devices, to leverage this integration for any use case within the North American market," Giles said. "Both integrated and semi-integrated solutions are available to provide businesses with a payment system that uniquely suits their needs, meets stringent security requirements and offers an improved consumer experience."

Giles further noted that ARC functionality supports a variety of new features, such as an enhanced Android Studio screen designer with native Android layouts and the ability for customers to create their own user-interface (UI) engine and for merchants to add their mobile apps to the platform.

The Android-based AXIUM platform supplies an innovative POS range, he added, which includes a payments applications portfolio, global APIs, white-labeled app store and turnkey services, such as estate management, security and customer care.

End-to-end platform approach

While other companies have built software around existing or new terminals, Giles pointed out Ingenico took a different approach by focusing on the platform's quality and long-term functionality. Bringing payment technology, services and partnership to the payment ecosystem is a core value at Ingenico, Giles stated, adding, "We see all three as equal and working in harmony for the betterment of Ingenico's partners, resellers and end-user merchants."

Giles went on to say that Ingenico has also taken a unique approach to Android while other companies have focused on a variety of terminal types to bring multiple form factors to market.

While the terminal has an important role to play in the payments ecosystem, Ingenico has focused more on the platform, he said, adding that Axium reflects the company's holistic focus on not just the terminal, but the back end and connecting rails as well.

"We don't look at the terminal; we start with the platform and go out to the device," he said. "The platform is the most difficult thing to get right, and it is where you add value to all aspects of the ecosystem including the retailer. That will ultimately enable the retailer to deliver the consumer experience that they are looking to deliver."

Innovative, backward-compatible technology

Citing Palm Vein as Ingenico's latest example of bio-authentication innovation, Giles said that, through a collaboration with Fujitsu, the solution leverages unique characteristics of the human palm. Users can hold their hand over a small reader to authenticate their ID. Palm Vein runs on AXIUM and in unattended environments, he added.

Noting that AXIUM is backward compatible, Giles said customers and partners who are certified on the company's Tetra platform can integrate with ARC, eliminating the need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars and countless man hours in certification and integration.

"Once you certify and integrate to AXIUM, you have access to the full depth and breadth of all form factors that we currently have and will have in the future on the AXIUM platform," he said. "If you are using the mobile oriented TXA thousand, and you've decided that you also want to include a countertop device, you've already certified it because it's already on the AXIUM platform. We build in that flexibility so businesses can expand over time."

With a continuing focus on enabling the payments ecosystem, Ingenico provides services, support, enablement tools, technical information, product and feature benefit information to channel partners, whom Ingenico sees an extension of the company, Giles said, adding that the Ingenico team understands how the services and assets they create will flow through the ecosystem to reach agents and ISOs. end of article

Website: https://ingenico.com/en Contact: sam.boush@ingenico.com

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