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December 13, 2021 • Issue 21:12:01

New Products

Empower guests with frictionless mobile checkouts

Product: QikPay
Company: QikServe

Hospitality service platform Qikserve created QikPay, a mobile payments solution designed to enable checkouts from personal connected devices at tables, counters and drive-thru settings. Hospitality operators can deploy QikPay across multiple touchpoints and channels, including kiosks, tablets, websites and mobile apps, according to Daniel Rodgers, founder at QikServe.

"Our mobile payments solution, QikPay, allows restaurant guests to pay using their mobile whenever it suits them whether that's at their table, counter or drive-thru, without requiring a download," Rodgers said. "The customer simply connects via a web page that connects their information to the point-of-sale system."

QikServe solutions provide low-friction ways for customers to connect to brands, Rodgers stated, unlike early mobile app iterations with cumbersome download and registration requirements. For the past decade, the company has evolved digital ordering, working in multi-site, multi-brand environments with global hospitality leaders to create next-level customer experiences, he added.

Partnerships, integrations

Rodgers further noted that QikServe has an extensive library of integrations and has partnered with more than 50 companies worldwide. The company's depth of experience in digital ordering and consumer engagement is reflected by its numerous user interfaces, which are all accessibility compliant both in the US and EU, he added.

"QikPay lets operators take payments in a safer way," Rodgers said. "Nowadays, due to COVID, guests are more reluctant to touch shared devices such as payment terminals. QikPay lets guests use their own device to pay for their meal, reducing contact and boosting convenience."

In addition to having more freedom and choice in ordering and payments, guests no longer have to wait for a payment device to be available or flag down staff for their check at the end of a meal, Rodgers noted, adding that operators can counterbalance any loss of payment device sales by enabling fully digital payments for customers.

Robust technology suite

Rodgers noted that QikPay is an integral part of QikServe's technology suite and complements the company's digital ordering solution, QikOrder, that allows restaurant brands to offer multiple ordering journeys. For example, guests can use QikOrder to order ahead for delivery and curbside pickup, as well as on premise journeys such as ordering at table, he explained.

"Using QikOrder and QikPay, operators can give guests the ability to order and pay for their meals whatever the journey, on- and off-premises," Rodgers said. "The combination of these solutions offers flexibility to brands, allowing them to turn on ordering and payment journeys that best fit their operations, brand and customers."

QikPay provides greater convenience, ease of use and offers additional features to facilitate check splitting and tipping, Rodgers noted. The seamless payment experience can be used at any point of service across tables, counters, drive-ups and drive-thrus, all designed to optimize profitability with faster table turns and better customer service, he added.

Digital transformation

Rodgers mentioned that QikServe recently partnered with Wahaca, a UK-based Mexican-style restaurant chain. The restaurateur wanted to provide more payment choices, and now, nearly every bill is closed on a customer device, he noted.

Mark Selby, Wahaca co-founder and CEO described QikPay as a game changer. "With no need to fetch bills, our staff have had more time to focus on our guests, providing a first-rate Wahaca experience," he said. "We are now taking over 90 percent of all payments via QikServe's Pay at Table solution, delighting our guests as well as eliminating the need for printed guest receipts."

"Our QikPay product for Pay at Table has undergone many evolutions," Rodgers added. "The customer data it collects can be used to [personalize] services further, driving loyalty and allowing the team to get to know and understand its guests on a much deeper level than ever before." end of article

Website: www.qikserve.com Contact: sales@qikserve.com

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