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April 08, 2019 • Issue 19:04:01

New Products

Self-ordering kiosk improves efficiencies, customer experience

Product: Grubbrr
Company: TouchSuite

TouchSuite, a financial technology solutions provider, launched Grubbrr, a multifaceted ordering solution designed to improve the customer experience. TouchSuite said the technology suite can adapt to numerous business environments, including quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, bars, catering trucks, stadiums, movie theaters, and golf courses.

"Grubbrr enables merchants of any size to manage their businesses in real time, without having to invest tens of millions of dollars," said Sam Zietz, CEO at TouchSuite. "It's a complete ecosystem that operationalizes the entire ordering process, connecting kiosks, point-of-sale, mobile ordering, delivery services and table-ordering tablets. Orders go to the kitchen in real time, with no waiting or rekeying."

Farshad Tafazzoli, chief strategy officer at TouchSuite, concurred. "The Grubbrr platform can speak up to 16 languages and is highly responsive to the nuances of ordering and consumer behavior," he added. "It uses native voice recognition and machine learning to continually improve transaction enablement."

Flexible, scalable

Noting that Grubbrr is reducing lines and increasing average tickets at sport stadiums, top QSRs and midsize merchants, Zietz said Grubbrr's service offerings are purpose-built to reduce waits, improve table turns and lower labor costs.

Grubbrr can help hospitality merchants of all sizes grow and scale their businesses, Zietz noted, adding that the platform provides the following features and benefits:

  • Reduced wait times: Grubbrr's fast and accurate order processing reduces wait times by enabling customers to order at the kiosk. Orders are transmitted directly from kiosk to back-end systems, improving efficiencies and eliminating potential errors.
  • Improved staff experience: Grubbrr manages ordering, freeing employees to spend more time focusing on customers.
  • Improved customer loyalty: Grubbrr's facial recognition and customer loyalty programs drive customer loyalty, frequency and retention.
  • Increased sales: Self-attended solutions, unlike high-pressure checkout lanes, give customers more time to review menu choices. Kiosk customers are more likely to add optional menu items, which can improve upselling by an average of 12 to 22 percent, according to recent studies.
  • Business management: Grubbrr's cloud-based business management services can help merchants manage staff, reporting, input/output, sales, analytics and customer loyalty.
  • Advanced reporting: Grubbrr's customizable dashboard provides merchants with a full picture of how their businesses are operating. Real-time reports are available across connected devices. 
  • Customer analytics: Grubbrr's advanced customer analytics help merchants identify customers and drive customer engagement and loyalty.
  • ADA compliance assistance: Grubbrr's innate ability to recognize voice and natural gestures facilitates alternative ordering methods for special needs customers.
  • Food-to-locker compatibility: Grubbrr can place take-out orders in temperature-controlled lockers as customers approach, using geolocation and mobile notifications. Customers unlock and pick up orders using unique QR codes.

Brandable, SaaS-based solutions

Zietz and Tafazzoli pointed out that Grubbrr has simplified integration by supporting a range of POS systems through a single API. Plus, Grubbrr systems can be fully integrated and configured in under 48 hours. All Grubbrr solutions include continuous updates and 24/7 support, they stated.

The cost-effective, Saas-based solution is brandable, customizable and designed to replace legacy systems that are expensive to deploy and maintain. Kiosk customization options include external hardware coloring, logo placement and on-screen digital logo display, using a consistent brand color scheme.

"Grubbrr provides merchants with advanced technologies that were previously exclusive to major brands," Zietz said. "These technologies deliver faster lines, higher turns, higher average tickets, and lower labor costs, making Grubbrr an asset for any business." end of article

Website: www.touchsuite.com Contact: info@touchsuite.com

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