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August 24, 2015 • Issue 15:08:02

New Products

Business-driven video storytelling

Product: Video Storytelling
Company: Board Studios Inc.

New York City-based Board Studios Inc. was established in 2011 and is a branding and video marketing agency specializing in video creation, development, production and distribution. The company is focused on providing one-of-a-kind interactive video experiences that reflect the unique identities and brands of its clients.

"The brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text," said Russell Pareti, Board Studios Vice President of Marketing. "People comprehend visual images faster and retain them longer."

Board Studios strives to "not just be another video production company" by providing unique, interactive and personalized video experiences.

Sketch note: a new tool

Pareti noted that whiteboard animation, a video technique in which drawings rapidly populate a white background, originated about five years ago and is widely used in Europe. "A lot of production goes into that," he said. "We developed a sketch note technique with hand-drawn videos, a similar but more cost-effective production method."

Board Studios works with payments industry clients, using the sketch note technique to simplify complex technologies and guidelines such as Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. "The changes happening with EMV are complex and hard to understand," Pareti said. "Our videos distill the key messages and use visual [aids] to communicate the story and information more effectively for easier comprehension."

Pareti noted that a growing number of payment clients are digitizing merchant level salesperson training programs by converting PowerPoint, video and animation presentations into online and on-demand courses that reduce traditional training costs, resources and time. A recent example is www.paymentacademy.com.

A suite of video solutions

Board Studios has worked with such companies as Alibaba.com, Pepsi, Discover Financial Services and Evo Payments International. Video production work and capabilities include:

  • Interactive sales: Board Studios will work with clients to produce interactive videos that guide each prospect through a personalized video experience. These video productions may include virtual salespeople, website and email offers, lead generation, and return on investment tracking.
  • PowerPoint to video conversions: Repurposed PowerPoint presentations can cover a range of topics from custom business-to-business sales videos, sales campaigns and internal strategy to effective business communications. The company said it routinely transforms corporate slide decks into videos aimed at bringing these concepts to life.
  • Tradeshow exhibits: Traditional, endless-loop slideshows (the bane of many exhibit halls) can be transformed into "wow-factor, hand-drawn animation," the company said, adding that such videos can boost tradeshow booth traffic. In-booth video productions may include booth storytelling, live tradeshow footage, printed collateral and quick response code tracking.
  • Online training: Companies can use online training for a variety of purposes, including product training, keeping up to date with industry trends and leveraging internal experts' knowledge. Live seminars can be converted into on-demand content and custom training modules.
  • Webinars: Webinars are a popular way to establish thought leadership, generate new business and deepen customer relationships. Adding value to clients for free increases goodwill while also showcasing key products and services. Various options for webinar production include live and prerecorded events with hosting, tracking, testing and optimization methods to help clients promote and distribute them.
  • Key messaging sessions: Board Studios said its corporate messaging and sales experts will spend a full day with client managers to help them distill and refine key messages. They will then use video to interpret the message consistently across channels while helping to promote and distribute said message to company stakeholders. These key messages are especially effective for sales, fundraising, and promotional initiatives, the company said.

Board Studio's stated objective is to be "the go-to video training and marketing solution" by creating impactful, educational products that delight its clients. Both general and customized solutions are available. end of article

Website: www.boardstudios.com Contact: russell@boardstudios.com

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