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February 09, 2015 • Issue 15:02:01

Readers Speak

What's up with Softcard?

Is it true that Google is going to purchase Softcard? I know Softcard had layoffs last fall and I've heard morale is low. I expect the company is ripe for acquisition, do you?

Doreen Sando, Sando Payments


As of press time, we have received no confirmed reports that Google is even interested in purchasing Softcard. Given its change of name from Isis to Softcard, which was disruptive to the brand; the layoffs; and its apparent lack of traction; it appears being acquired might be in the cards for Softcard.

But this is mere speculation. If the company is ultimately sold, we will cover the story. We want to help keep payment pros such as yourself informed about new payment ventures, both those seeking to work within the established payments framework and those seeking to disrupt it.


Should I become a CPP?

A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about the ETA's CPP program. It seemed like a good idea to me, but I was just getting started in sales and didn't really have hundreds of dollars to spare on certification. Now I've got some steady residuals. I'm wondering if maybe I should take the test and be a CPP. Has becoming certified helped people like me increase their business? I haven't run across one merchant yet who has heard of it unless I'm the one who mentioned it.

Ron Potts, Merchant Level Salesperson


If you don't already belong to GS Online's MLS Forum, take just a few moments to register on our website (www.greensheet.com) and join the forum. Payment professionals, both those who have attained the ETA CPP (Certified Payments Professional) designation and those who declined to do so, have been participating in a discussion about this topic. The topic thread is CPP – 3 Years Later. You will find a range of opinions about the certification, which was created by the ETA with extensive input from within and outside of the payments industry.

Three years after the launch, the ETA continues to manage and promote the program. The organization provides a PDF fact sheet ISOs and merchant level salespeople can give to merchants to inform them about the ETA CPP certification's existence and benefits. Among other things, the document states that all ETA CPPs have:

  • A minimum of one to three years' experience in the payments industry
  • Been recommended by a supervisor or manager from a company in the payments industry
  • Completed and passed a rigorous examination developed by industry experts and conducted by an independent testing firm that is not affiliated with any entity in the payments industry
  • Agreed to abide by the Electronic Transactions Association's Code of Conduct
  • Agreed to pursue continuing education credits as a requirement of recertification every three years
We wish you luck in evaluating the program and reaching a decision that is right for you.


What do you think about the ETA CPP designation? If you're up for re-certification right now, are you going forward with it? Please let us know. And we'll also welcome your thoughts on important industry trends and compelling issues. Drop us a line at greensheet@greensheet.com. end of article

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