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June 25, 2012 • Issue 12:06:02


So you want to start an ISO

Can you direct me where to look in the library on how to start an ISO? Thank you for your help.

David Mierkey
Merchant level salesperson


Thank you for your question. I'd begin with our Street SmartsSM archives at www.greensheet.com/publications.php?flag=street_smarts, in particular with the following articles by Electronic Payments Inc. Chief Executive Officer Michael Nardy:

  • "Growing your riches by registering and/or taking liability," issue 05:06:02"

  • "What is registration anyway?" parts I, II and III, issues 06:04:02, 06:05:01 and 06:05:02, respectively

  • "The ins and outs of ISOship," parts I and II, issues 06:12:01 and 06:12:02, respectively

Many other articles listed on that page might be of help, as well, including:

  • "Blueprint for MLS Success," parts I and II, by Ed Freedman, President and CEO of Total Merchant Services, issues 04:08:01 and 04:08:02, respectively

  • "Ruminations on ISO registration," by Dee Karawadra, CEO and President of Impact PaySystem, issue 07:07:01

  • "Dreams fulfilled: Six easy steps," by Jason Felts, President and CEO of Advanced Merchant Services, issue 08:12:02

  • "Who are you?" by Jon Perry and Vanessa Lang, issue 09:04:01

  • "Finding opportunity in an altered business environment," by Ken Musante, President of Eureka Payments LLC, issue 11:03:02.

  • "Let's reform our industry's education and training," by Bill Pirtle, President of C3ET Credit Card Consortia for Education & Training Inc., issue 11:05:01

In addition, I suggest you present your question to our current Street Smarts author, Jeff Fortney, Vice President, ISO Channel Management with Clearent LLC. He may decide to address this in an upcoming column, which would provide new perspectives on how a merchant level salesperson (MLS) who wants to establish an ISO can get off to a strong start. His email is jeff@clearent.com.

Another skilled educator who may be able to point you to further resources is Mark Dunn, founder of Field Guide Enterprises LLC, a bankcard consulting and training firm. He is creator of the popular Field Guide Seminars that precede many industry tradeshows. His email address is mark@gofieldguide.com.

Best of luck in your new venture. Please keep in touch and let us know how your business progresses.


Come one, come all to the payment shows

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