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January 11, 2010 • Issue 10:01:01

New Products

An ATM for all types of weather

Product: Triton RL5000, Triton RL1600
Company: Triton Systems of Delaware Inc.

According to Triton Systems of Delaware Inc, photos emerged during the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina storm in 2005 of Triton ATMs standing upright and intact amid scenes of demolished buildings in the ravaged city.

Triton, which manufactures off-premise ATMs for use at places like convenience stores and flea markets, puts great emphasis on the sturdiness of its products, and understandably so. While ATM-threatening hurricanes are relatively rare, ATMs can be the frequent target of thieves looking for a quick windfall; therefore, security is paramount among any ATM's features.


An example: The Triton RL5000 was reportedly the target of an unsuccessful raid in a flea market building. The ATM's front part was smashed in, but the perpetrators failed to gain access to the money inside owing to a few key security features. One was an installation method that secured the ATM machine to the floor with four anchor bolts, keeping it moored down and preventing its removal from the premises.

"When thieves break into a building, they don't want to spend time trying to break into an ATM; they want to remove it," said Phil Suitt, President of ATM ventures, an ATM sales company that sells Triton ATMs. "In this case, they tried to remove it and just couldn't do it."

The machine is also equipped with a vault door that prevents its cabinet doors from being spread open, thus preventing access to the money it contains. Finally, raids on the machine trigger a security signal to the ATM's service provider - ideally giving perpetrators only a small window in which to steal the machine, or its contents, before the arrival of law enforcement.


Triton rolled out its newest ATM, the RL1600, in 2009. The ATM's features include a color display; Internet communication capabilities; an up-to-date Microsoft Inc. Windows operating system that, according to the company, makes for faster transactions; and advertising and screen customizing capabilities that allow ATM owners to create their own marketing messages and coupons to drive customer loyalty.

The machine also uses secure sockets layer technology for sending communications and remote key transfer technology that allows ATM keys to be loaded directly from the machine's host. This avoids the need to call in-person technicians when keys require loading.

The RL1600 is marketed as a cheap, relatively small, ergonomically designed machine that takes up little floor space and is ideally suited to smaller retailers looking to install a cash dispensing machine to attract customers and drive sales.


In 2010, Triton will unveil Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), a new ATM operating system that the company says will further enhance the functionality of off-premise ATMs "TDL is a radical departure from Triton Standard; it is going to revolutionize the way off-premise ATMs operate," said Bob Douglas, Triton Director of Engineering. "With customers' needs changing and the demands for more transaction types increasing, TDL will allow off-premise ATMs to better meet the needs of their customers," Douglas said. "Some of the possibilities with TDL include the ability to define screen, receipt and transaction flow based on a specific customer's card and transaction information; to be able to configure changes to the ATM remotely through the host; and to create custom applications for the ATM without extensive development."

Triton Systems of Delaware Inc.
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