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March 09, 2009 • Issue 09:03:01


The Green Sheet, Inc.Unsettling links

I read your article "Data breaches, more than bad publicity" with much interest. I'm even more interested in how much flak you will receive from various organizations and individuals in the payments industry objecting to your link between terrorism and credit card fraud.

We published a report and discussed this linkage in our Security Summit back in September 2007, and we were branded a fear monger by various entities in the industry - including one of the card brands.

Hopefully you'll receive better acceptance with educating people in our industry than we experienced, because it is still an issue.

Steve Sommers
Shift4 Corp.


Thank you for your thoughts regarding "Data breaches, more than bad publicity," published in The Green Sheet, Feb. 23, 2009, issue 09:02:02. We are sorry to learn of your having been censored for broaching a topic that is germane to the discussion of data breaches. Perhaps times have changed in the last couple of years. So far, we have not been taken to task for mentioning terrorism in the context of credit card fraud.


The Green Sheet, Inc.A cut above

Curt Hensley recently received this e-mail in response to his article published in The Green Sheet, Jan. 12, 2009, issue 09:01:01. After thanking Ms. Putnam, he forwarded her note:

Was reading The Green Sheet earlier today ... loved your "Rising above recession" article. I'm definitely going to put the 10 tips you offered into practice. I thought you would appreciate hearing that from a reader.

Jill Putnam
Allied Frontline POS


Thank you for sending these words of appreciation. We are proud to publish articles such as this that not only inform, but also uplift our readers.


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