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October 27, 2008 • Issue 08:10:02


The Green Sheet, Inc.Congrats on 25 years

I want to thank you and your team for the many years of support. I have (like many) partnered with The Green Sheet for many years and have been very happy with our relationship. Continued success to you, Paul, Danielle and the team.

Audrey Blackmon, Tasq Technology


Thanks for your comments. Companies like yours make it possible for us to continue serving the industry to the best of our ability year after year. We very much value our ongoing relationships with those like you who are dedicated to professional development and best practices in our ever evolving industry.


The Green Sheet, Inc.Bravo, Paul!

I just read your 25th anniversary article and wanted to reach out to say congratulations on making The Green Sheet part of my daily routine. It is the way that I get my industry news - every day.Basically, you track with my own career in this industry, which started with the early days of TeleCheck in 1976 and evolved through Tymshare, McDonnell Douglas, VeriFone, Ingenico and the rest. Visa was always the bull in the china shop.

You captured that in the article and reminded me of all of those memories; thus, the motivation to send you this note.

I'm still at it. We have two companies focused on the payments market. Critical Path Solutions is a consulting firm and enabling-software company. One of our noted clients is Eastman Kodak. We provide integration solutions for their Picture Maker Kiosks with top global merchants. VueMedia is another venture; here, we provide an in-store, one-to-one marketing solution for the first and second tier retail marketplace. I live in the Bay Area in Marin County. Again, congratulations on 25 years of service to our industry.

Jim Troy, CPSRetail


How nice to hear from you and to learn how much The Green Sheet has meant to you throughout your career. We hope to continue to be of service to you for the foreseeable future. If you ever have suggestions about how we can be of even greater assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Green Sheet, Inc.Broader commentary, please

First, congrats on 25 years. It is no small feat, and you deserve all the kudos. I would like to make one small suggestion: I miss The Green Sheet commentary from Paul. I seem to remember editorials on holidays where he touched upon life outside merchant accounts. Always polite and positive, I remember them to be a bold (maybe even a risky?) statement on how life should be. I check in on holidays, hoping for news outside the news. I do not think it would hurt your professional image to inject some old-fashion common sense into the publication again.

Again, congrats on 25 years.

Eric Jenks, Total Merchant Concepts


Thank you for the congratulations and suggestion. Paul's Apex award-winning Inspiration series, which appears in each issue of The Green Sheet, is a logical place for the kind of commentary you seek. Your note served to remind us that it's been a while since we've run an article in that column that isn't loosely or directly related to business.


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