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        Account takeover remediation                               2. Use specialized data services that identify and
                                                                   match user credentials that are at-risk for account
                                   ichael Boukadakis, CEO of       takeover due to breached data exposures:  Matching
                                   ENACOMM, sent us sober-         logins against confirmed, exposed data is the most
                                   ing data on account take-       sustainable solution in stopping account takeovers for
                       M overs (ATOs). "ATOs—iden-                 organizations and long-term for all industries. This
                       tity theft where a criminal gains unau-     method not only helps isolate fraudsters but will also
        thorized access to an online account belonging to some-    help build cases for future prosecution to get criminals
        body else—spiked by almost 282 percent from Q2 2019        "off the street."
        to  Q2 2020  and  increased  by  almost 300%  during  the   3. Monitor bot traffic behavioral patterns for ab-
        pandemic, according to the Sift Digital Trust and Safety   normalities for temporary attack relief: This type of
        Index," he wrote.                                          monitoring postpones bots from revisiting an organi-
                                                                   zation's site with reconfigured, masked attributes or
        Boukadakis also  mentioned that thePayments Risk  &        pushes them to move to another site, which unfortu-
        Fraud Consortium, of which ENACOMM is a founding           nately perpetuates the cycle of attacks on all industries.
        member, just released a whitepaper, 3 Tips to Avoid Account
        Takeover: Modern Detection & Prevention, which identifies   The whitepaper is available at
        pre-fraud indicators and measurements that are essential   tips-to-avoid-account-takeover.
        in reducing account takeover fraud.
                                                                Tips to share?
        Following is a brief summary he provided of those tips:  We wish to thank Michael Boukadakis for reaching out. Do
           1. Layer fraud prevention solutions to easily pivot   you have advice or insights to share with your colleagues in
           in light of the latest fraud patterns: There is no one   the payments community? Why not sound off right here?
           solution that will solve all fraud issues. To add to the   In 300 words or fewer, explore salient issues, concerns
           challenge, criminals constantly devise new methods of   and opportunities, and you might see your byline on this
           attack or resurrect their old favorites with new twists.  page. We will welcome your perspectives, as well as your
                                                                questions, at

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