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        This article contains excerpts from news stories recently posted   is characterizing the move as a win for consumers and
        under Breaking Industry News on our homepage. For links to these   businesses. Not surprisingly, Visa and Plaid put a different
        and other full news stories, please visit  spin on the decision. "We believe the combination of Visa
        ingnews.php..                                           with Plaid would have delivered significant benefits," said
                                                                Al Kelly, Visa Chairman and CEO. "However, it has been
                                                                a full year since we first announced our intent to acquire
                                                                Plaid, and protracted and complex litigation will likely
                                                                take substantial time to fully resolve."

                                                                Green Sheet interviews Wnet's Wendy Holliday
        ETA welcomes 2021 Young
        Payments Professionals Scholars                         On Jan. 4, 2021, the Women's Network in Electronic
                                                                Transactions (Wnet) welcomed newly elected members to
        The Electronic Transactions Association welcomed its    its board, executive committee and president's advisory
        incoming class of 2021 ETA Young Payments Professionals   council. As the organization enters its fifteenth year,
        Scholars. The year-long program is designed to prepare   its growing membership includes men and women
        young payments professionals for leading roles at the ETA   committed  to  advancing  diversity  and  inclusion  in
        and throughout the payments industry. Jodie Kelley, CEO   payments and fintech, Wnet representatives stated. In
        of the ETA, stated, "We are excited to work with this year's   addition, Wnet recently hired its first chief executive
        scholars to further their connections within the industry   officer, Wendy Holliday, M.Ed., CAE, to support and
        and look forward to collaborating with the group to create   expand the organization's mission.
        programming that will bring their perspectives to the
        forefront of the industry."                             Digital shopping to outlast pandemic, experts say
        Visa, Plaid combo called off                            Holiday eGift spend rose 40 percent in 2020, according to
                                                                Blackhawk Network's  BrandedPay Post-Holiday Spending
        Visa Inc. scuttled plans to acquire fintech Plaid under   Report, published Jan. 21, 2021. Theresa McEndree, global
        pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice. The DOJ   head of  marketing  and  corporate  brand at  Blackhawk,
                                                                                  stated she expects digital sales to
                                                                                  remain strong, especially in the
                                                                                  first quarter of 2021, as  shoppers
                                                                                  take advantage of online sales. "As
                                                                                  consumer behavior continued  the
                                                                                  rapid, digital migration, gift card
                                                                                  programs are no exception," she said.
                                                                                  "This  is  a  huge  win  for  retailers,  as
                                                                                  gift card recipients show up ready and
                                                                                  excited to use them."
                                                                                  Mastercard, Visa move
                                                                                  contactless to cloud
                                                                                  Mastercard and Visa want to make
                                                                                  contactless payment acceptance a no-
                                                                                  brainer for businesses, particularly
                                                                                  small  merchants.   Mastercard   is
                                                                                  launching a first-ever U.S. deployment
                                                                                  of Cloud Tap on Phone, a cloud-based
                                                                                  platform that turns any NFC-enabled
                                                                                  Android smartphone or tablet into a
                                                                                  contactless payment acceptance device.
                                                                                  Mastercard said it is partnering with
                                                                                  leading acquirer Global Payments Inc.
                                                                                  and the payment gateway firm NMI
                                                                                  to support Tap on Phone payment
                                                                                  acceptance by Computer Engineering
                                                                                  Group, a California-based IT services

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