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Letter from the editor

                                                                      Connecting and
                   ur Oct. 26 issue showcased the first article
                   in a two-part series on how industry lead-
                   ers and event organizers pivoted to create                   Beyond
        O digital alternatives to traditional in-person
        tradeshows that became far more than substitutes for
        the "real" thing. Thinking on their feet, organizers fash-
        ioned satisfying experiences by fostering interaction         Contact us today
        among attendees in diverse ways.

        Part 2 of the series, the lead article in this issue,
        expands on areas probed  in Part 1. It shares insights
        and offers tips from visionaries who have found that         For your personal
        while virtual conferences will never replace in-person
        events, they become easier to plan with practice, and,
        more importantly, practice has led to innovative new
        ways to use available technologies to enable attendees          Discovery Call
        to participate fully and make solid connections with
        one another.

        The extreme events of 2020 have led to significant
        evolution in other areas of payments, too, including
        increased interest in the B2B market. One of our
        contributors explains what the B2B market is and how
        landing business in the B2B market differs from the B2C
        market. Another contributor delves into how cloud-
        based ecommerce technology can help merchants
        regain their footing and return to profitability. And,
        given that in-person sales calls are not an option in
        many regions, you'll find advice on how to organize
        your phone outreach for maximum results.

        Contributors to this issue also explore the shift in
        consumer payment preferences away from cash and           Spotlight Innovator Pages, Video Marketing,
        toward contactless payments, as well as how adopting
        a warrior mind set could turn you into a top producer.     Resource Guides, Target Email Campaigns.

        News briefs herein provide excerpts from stories
        on the FinTech Innovation Center and Customer                  Amplify your message across
        Experience Center that Deluxe is establishing to bring
        a diverse cohort of payments and financial technology          channels. Expand your reach
        stakeholders to Atlanta's Transaction Alley; record
        attendance at the PCI Security Standard Council's            with pioneering, one-of-a-kind,
        virtual North American Community Meeting, where
        development of PCI DSS v4.0 was discussed; the call            multimedia promotions and
        by major trade associations in the United Kingdom for       campaigns. Partner with us today.
        "decisive action" by the UK’s Competition and Markets
        Authority to curb rising interchange; and Paysafe's
        new report, Lost in Transaction: How COVID has reshaped
        the SMB checkout, which is based on a survey of U.S.               Danni Thorpe
        and Canadian business owners across numerous card-
        present sectors.                                                   Vice President of Media Relations

        You'll also find updates on milestones in our sphere,
        along with product and company profiles and
        commentary to motivate and inspire you. Please                        707-284-1686
        remember to send your comments and questions to, and send your news to press@
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