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        This article contains excerpts from news stories recently posted under Breaking   bring together not only our experts, but custom-
        Industry News on our homepage. For links to these and other full news stories,   ers, partners, entrepreneurs and university stu-
        please visit               dents to ideate and create breakthroughs for our
                                                                        customers in the digital economy," he stated.
                                                                        PCI DSS 4.0 blueprint
                                                                        draws record commentary

                                                                        More than 1,800 participants convened virtually
                                                                        for the PCI Security Standards Council's recent
                                                                        North America Community Meeting. Moderated
        Deluxe builds fintech hub in Atlanta                            by BBC America anchor Katherine "Katty" Kay,
                                                                        the conference covered development of Payment
        In a meeting with Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp, Deluxe execu-  Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
        tives disclosed plans to open two fintech centers in Sandy Springs   v4.0, security challenges stemming from COV-
        in 2021. The FinTech Innovation Center and Customer Experience   ID-19, and emerging threats to software security
        Center will bring a diverse cohort of payments and financial tech-  and payment card data. PCI SSC executive direc-
        nology stakeholders to Atlanta's Transaction Alley, stated Barry C.   tor Lance Johnson noted that recent challenges
        McCarthy, Deluxe president and CEO.                             deepened the council's resolve to support the in-
        Noting that Deluxe has invested more than $12.6 million in the
        172,000 square foot facility, McCarthy said he plans a grand open-  UK retailers blast Visa, Mastercard
        ing with public tours of both centers in the spring of 2021. "Our   over interchange
        centers will be true, collaborative, interactive spaces where we will
                                                                        Retailers in the United Kingdom are calling for
                                                                        government intervention to curb rising inter-
                                                                        change. Five trade associations representing
                                                                        businesses there have called for "decisive action"
                                                                        by  the  UK's Competition  and  Markets  Author-
                                                                        ity to curb rising interchange. The move comes
                  Payment Solutions                                     as the UK government wraps up the first stage
                                                                        of a payments landscape review. Regulators have
                                                                        been soliciting comments on challenges, oppor-
                  For App Developers                                    tunities and risks posed by current trends in pay-
                                                                        ments and payment networks. It also follows a
                                                                        June 2020 decision by the UK Supreme Court up-
                                                                        holding a lower court ruling that Visa and Mas-
           eProcessing Network provides                                 tercard interchange fees restrict competition. The
           payment solutions that intergrate                            ruling means card-accepting merchants could be
           directly into web pages, shopping                            due tens of billions of dollars in refunds on inter-
           carts, third-party software,                                 change assessments dating back to 2013.
           and mobile apps for both iOS                                 Paysafe surveys SMB digital commerce
           and Android.                                                 New research from Paysafe revealed that 39 per-
                                                                        cent of small and midsize business (SMB) own-
           ePN’s FREE Developer                                         ers have increased sales revenue during the CO-
           Support Center provides                                      VID-19 pandemic. Lost in Transaction: How COVID
           online documentation,                                        has reshaped the SMB checkout is based on a sur-
           sample code, and support                                     vey of U.S. and Canadian business owners across
           for registered developers.                                   numerous card-present sectors, including retail,
                                                                        hospitality, healthcare and salon services, accord-
                                                                        ing to Afshin Yazdian, CEO of U.S. acquiring at
                ePN has payment options to fit all of                   Paysafe. Noting the pandemic's impact on North

                        your merchant’s needs                           American merchants, Yazdian emphasized the
                                                                        need for diverse, secure, and frictionless payment
                          (800) 296-4810                                solutions. "Our research shows that having an
                                        online checkout, as well as diverse payments in-
                                                                        frastructure, is crucial to allowing in-store SMBs
                                                                        to thrive amidst the pandemic and actually grow
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                                                                        in this unprecedented environment," he said.
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