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        What use is co-opetition?                                                  Jeff,

                  new MLS, I've already experienced extreme  competitive pressure.   Thanks for asking this question. It's
                  Even after you get a merchant to sign on the dotted line, competing   true a high degree of co-opetition
                  reps are poking in, trying to sweep them away. This is a completely   exists in the payments sphere, espe-
        A different scene than I observed at a tradeshow I went to, where "co-     cially in rolling out the innovative
        opetition" and "cooperation" were bandied about. I don't feel like cooperating   products and services new tech-
        with my competitors at this point. What is co-opetition all about? What good   nology continues to make possible.
        is it?                                                                     Dale S. Lasig, senior staff writer and
                                                                     Jeff Grosse   content marketing specialist at  The
                                                      Merchant Level Salesperson   Green Sheet, described it thus in "The
                                                                                   adjacent POS-sible," published Feb.
                                                                                   27, 2017 in issue 17:02:02:
                               It’s a War out there!                               "How many payments industry
                                                                                   stakeholders does it take to change
                      Time to Band together with the Band of ISO’s                 a POS system? The answer may be
                                                                                   hundreds or even millions if you
                                                                                   consider  the  many  interlinking
                                                                                   stakeholders in the payments value
                                                                                   chain. Ours is a collaborative busi-
                                                                                   ness, a long tail of large and small
                                                                                   players whose combined efforts
                                                                                   move  the  industry  forward  in  bil-
                                                                                   lions of tiny increments."

                                                                                   The extent to which competitors col-
                                                                                   laborate has much to do with con-
                                                                                   text. You may have no good reason
                                                                                   to cooperate with cutthroat com-
                                                                                   petitors hounding your merchants,
                The Merchant Store Presents the ISO Co-op                          but at acquirers meetings you might
                                                                                   meet and befriend competing, but
                                                                                   like-minded MLSs and end up help-
                              Best Buy Rates in the business!                      ing one another resolve issues that
                Customer Service that is actually a service to the customers!      arise in your demanding jobs.

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