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Letter from the editors

                 he  ATM has come a long way since the
                 summer of 1969, when the first  ATM was
                 installed at a branch of Chemical Bank,
        T a New York bank later acquired by what
        is now JPMorgan Chase. This July, on the  ATM's
        50th anniversary, the nonprofit National ATM Council
        brought 50 members to Washington, D.C., for the third
        annual  ATMs go to Washington fly in. The two-day
        event was designed to update government leaders on
        important developments and concerns in the thriving
        independent ATM sector.

        The lead article in this issue shares what members of
        NAC, which represents the independent ATM indus-
        try, have been doing to connect with legislators, foster
        mutual education, and find common ground. Members
        shared with The Green Sheet specific actions they've tak-
        en that other trade associations can replicate, as well as
        discussed how they're addressing pressing issues fac-
        ing today's ATM industry.

        Complementary to this coverage is an article in our
        Views section highlighting the significant impacts
        ATMs have had not just in terms of an irreversible de-                         Bridge the Gap
        cline in consumer check payments, but also on the very
        fabric of our lives. Who knew that one installation half                           between your
        a century ago would lead to a debit card revolution and
        more than 470,000 ATMs deployed domestically by                            advertising dollars
        2018, with most owned and operated by ISOs?
                                                                                        and bottom line
        People who have met with federal legislators often de-
        scribe coming home with a feeling of empowerment
        regardless of whether they've won anyone over to their      Customized advertising campaigns
        cause. And empowerment is central to our mission at         to   t any size company and budget.
        The Green Sheet. To that end contributing writers offer
        information, insights and tips in every installment of       • Spotlight Innovators’ Pages
        our magazine. You'll find herein, for example, facts on         (frequently updated content)
        the financial impact online reviews have on the small
        business sector; reasons to pay attention to core pro-       • Print (various size options)
        cessors' recent purchases of major acquirers; basic in-
        formation about the always-relevant PCI DSS; and tips        • Resource Guide listing
        from the field on selling in today's environment.               (print/online/front page options)

        In addition to providing short updates on industry de-       • Email Blasts (to GS readership)
        velopments, and new product and company profiles,
        we post news stories regularly on        • Online (website/twice month newsletter)
        Several recent articles are highlighted herein, includ-      • Video
        ing lawmakers' efforts to get the Fed to take charge of
        faster payments, Facebook's $5 billion payment to settle     • Bundled advertisng campaign discounts
        claims against its alleged lax privacy practices; data
        breaches discovered at Sephora and Capital One; and
        more.                                                                    Danielle Thorpe

        We are here as a resource for you, the hard-working                            AVP Media Partnerships
        professionals at the heart of payments. Your feedback
        is always welcome at                   707-284-1686

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